East Brainerd Bus Accident Lawyer

Buses are a convenient and relatively inexpensive way to move large numbers of people from one place to the next. School districts rely on them, the public relies on them, and even private parties do the same. However, they are not impervious to accidents on the road.

An experienced East Brainerd bus accident lawyer could consult with people who were injured in a bus accident of any type. They could assess the circumstances that led to the accident and determine what the individual’s next step could be.

Requirements to Prove Negligence in a Bus Accident Case

As per Tennessee law, plaintiffs or their attorneys in a bus accident case must be able to prove that several important elements exist in their case. First, they must be able to show that the defendants in the case owed a duty of care to the victims. For example, a bus driver has a duty to drive safely, or the bus company has a duty to ensure their buses are safe and maintained.
Next, it must be shown that the plaintiff violated their duty. Perhaps the driver did not obey the rules of the road or the bus company ignored known safety concerns with the bus. Equally as important, the victim and his or her attorney must establish that he or she suffered from injuries as a direct result of the bus accident. Finally, the injuries must have caused damages. An East Brainerd bus accident attorney could assess a victim’s claim against a driver and determine if a driver or third party acted negligently.

Compensation East Brainerd Bus Accident Victims Could Recover

The purpose of filing a lawsuit after a bus accident is so that the victim may seek to recover the economic and non-economic losses that his or her suffered as a direct result of the accident. These losses are also known as damages. Plaintiffs in a bus accident case could seek compensation with the assistance of a seasoned East Brainerd bus accident attorney for damages such as:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost income or wages due to the inability to work
  • Property damage (if it applies to the case)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship or consortium
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Mental anguish
  • Emotional trauma

Limits to Non-Economic Damages

Some states have laws that cap the amount of damages a plaintiff could ask for or receive in a personal injury case. Laws supporting damage caps are creating to help avoid increases in insurance costs and frivolous lawsuits. However, there may be exceptions to the limit a victim might recover with a court case.

Under Tennessee Code § 29-39-102, non-economic damages in bus accident cases are limited to $750,000. Although, they may increase up to $1,000,000 if the injuries include:

  • Amputation of a limb
  • Severe burns
  • Paralysis from a spinal cord injury
  • Death of a minor child’s parent

Plaintiffs and their families should discuss the possibility of the damage cap exception applying to their case with their East Brainerd bus accident attorney. Even if their recovery is limited by this law, it does not preclude them from receiving full compensation for their economic damages.

Recover Compensation with an East Brainerd Bus Accident Attorney

Life is not fair, but an East Brainerd bus accident lawyer could work to help you receive fair compensation for your injuries either through a negotiated settlement or a jury award at a trial. While monetary compensation cannot take away the loss you have experienced, it could help make your life more manageable and less stressful. Call today to learn more about how to recover your damages after a bus accident.