Chattanooga Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Suffering through sexual abuse is often one of the most emotionally, physically, and psychologically traumatic experiences a person can go through.

While any person can be the victim of sexual abuse, all too often the most vulnerable members of communities such as children and the elderly are the victims of these devastating events.

When you place your trust in a person and your trust is violated because of sexual abuse, you may struggle with the physical injuries as well as the emotional injuries.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of sexual abuse, a Chattanooga sexual abuse lawyer can help you begin the healing process and help hold sexual abusers accountable for their actions through a personal injury claim.

Sexual Abuse Lawsuits and Their Purpose

Sexual abuse is often referred to as sexual assault and is generally defined as an unwanted sexual contact without a person’s consent. Unfortunately, many of the victims of sexual abuse in Tennessee are vulnerable and include children and the elderly.

The Tennessee legislature has made it clear that because of the tremendous impact on children, siblings, and families, that prosecuting child sexual abuse is a priority in the state under T.C.A 37-1-601.

However, even though children and the elderly in nursing homes are often the victims of these traumatic events, anyone can be the victim of sexual abuse and a Chattanooga sexual abuse lawyer can help victims who have faced abuse in:

  • Working environments
  • School functions
  • Religious events
  • Sports teams
  • Youth programs
  • Scouting programs
  • Summer camps
  • After-school programs

While a sexual abuse lawsuit cannot undo the traumatic events, many sexual abuse victims report a feeling of relief and satisfaction through filing a lawsuit.

Compensation for Sexual Abuse

People who have been the victims of sexual abuse or any sexually related crime often feel a certain sense of vindication knowing that their attacker has gone through the criminal process.

However, many victims of sexual abuse suffer from deep emotional and physical injuries that the criminal justice system cannot compensate them for.

But, a victim of sexual abuse in Chattanooga is entitled to file a civil lawsuit against their attacker and may be able to recover any of the following types of compensation:

  • Medical bills
  • Cost of therapy and rehabilitation programs
  • Lost earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional pain and distress

In addition, a victim’s spouse or even their child may be able to recover from losing their loved one’s companionship. While money cannot heal the trauma of a sexual abuse case, pursuing a civil lawsuit is a means of ensuring a person and their family are cared for while they recover.

Time Limits for Filing a Sexual Abuse claim

Every person who has been the victim of sexual abuse and trauma is entitled to file a civil lawsuit seeking financial compensation and restitution against their abuser.

However, even in these delicate and sensitive situations, a victim needs to be aware of the time limits or statute of limitation for filing a civil lawsuit. Tennessee Code Annotated sections 28-3-104 and 28-1-106 provide that victims of sexual abuse have one year to file a civil lawsuit for sexual abuse, and those who are under the age of 18 must file a lawsuit before their 19th birthday in order to be entitled to recover for their injuries and losses.

This is vastly different from the criminal system which allows the state to prosecute a sexual abuse case years after it occurs.

While many victims of sexual abuse struggle with feelings of shame and fear, it is critical to contact a Chattanooga sexual abuse lawyer as soon as possible.

Not only can a Chattanooga sexual abuse lawyer help a victim file a civil lawsuit to recover restitution and compensation, but they can also help a victim receive crucial services and connect them with programs offered by the state and local agencies to help the healing process.

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You do not have to deal with the emotional, physical, and psychological trauma of sexual abuse alone.

As a compassionate Chattanooga sexual abuse lawyer, we can help victims on the road to recovery by filing a civil lawsuit, connecting victims with programs, and ensuring that victims and their families receive the care and compensation they deserve after going through a traumatic event such as sexual abuse.