Mr. Coker: Motor Vehicle Accident

Danny Coker was injured after a truck rear ended his vehicle. He needed the assistance from Massey & Associates to get the trucking company to take responsibility. He was happy with the results.

Mr. Coker was driving when his vehicle was struck by a box truck. He suffered multiple injuries and was unable to work. Initially, the trucking company refused to take responsibility—they refused to help Mr. Coker and his family. This prompted Mr. Coker to hire Massey & Associates.

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On screen:  Danny Coker, a hardworking man who provided for his family was injured by a negligent truck driver.

Danny Coker:  I was rear ended from behind by a big truck, a box truck. It messed up my neck, it messed up my shoulder. I had to have surgery and therapy on my neck and shoulder.

Question on screen:  What impact did the accident have on you and your family?

Danny Coker:  I go through a lot of pain all the time with it.  I’m fighting through it, I’m gonna have to get through it, but eventually it hurts.  I can’t get comfortable over night or nothing else.

The loss of work and the struggle of no income was hard on my family because I wasn’t working.  My wife had to double up on work to keep us going.  If it hadn’t been for her we would have lost everything we had. Sure would have.

Question on screen:  After the trucking company refused to help, what did you do?

Danny Coker:  To make the trucking company do what they should, we got Massey & Associates to take action against them to get them to do anything.

Are you happy with the outcome of your case and the decision to hire Massey & Associates?

Danny Coker:  I feel like we got a fair amount with the lawyers doing everything that they do, I sure do.

They are nice to you, they’re polite and they care about you and they looked after us and they got us the help I needed to get through all of it. Massey & Associates cared for us in a good way and they helped us through it and I’m glad I had them.