Eric Elrod: Workers’ Compensation

Eric Elrod needed legal assistance with the reconsideration hearing that was tied to his workman’s compensation case. Massey & Associates had represented Eric in the past and won his workman’s compensation case for him. He returned to Massey & Associates for the reconsideration hearing. Eric was happy with the results yet again.

“..there could be stuff you don’t know about, and you really need to speak to an attorney”

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Gary Massey: Hi, I am Garry Massey, personal injury attorney in Chattanooga, TN and what you are about to see is a video of one of my clients. Today is May 3, 2011 and we had a Worker’s compensation trial today. It was actually a reconsideration trial where an injured employee was entitled to go back and have his previous case reopened because his employer had laid him off after we tried his previous cases. Previous case also went all the way to trial. We won the case hands down, and got a good result for him and then when he got laid off a couple years later we went back today and had a second trial and got another good result for him. So this is what he has to say, don’t take my word for it take it from him.

Gary Massey: Eric you and I just came down from the courtroom here in Hamilton County on your Worker’s comp case is that right?

Eric:  That’s correct.

Gary Massey:  How many trials have we had in your case?’

Eric:  This is the second.

Gary Massey:  Second one. How many have we won in your case?

Eric:  Both of them.

Gary Massey:  How are you feeling today?

Eric:   Feeling really good.

Gary Massey:  How come?

Eric:  Because I am glad that it’s over and I get the money that I’m out.

Gary Massey:  Good. What do you have to say to other people who might have been injured in Hamilton County?

Eric:  You really need to talk to an attorney. You can’t do it on your own no matter how good your think your employer is, there still could be stuff going on that you don’t know about, so you really need to speak to an attorney.

Gary Massey:  And are you glad your hired Massey & Associates.

Eric:  Yes I am.

Gary Massey:  Good, Thanks, Eric.