East Brainerd Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

When you place your loved one in a nursing home, you trust that the staff and facility have the means and experience to treat him or her with the care and respect he or she needs. However, if a nursing home forsakes that trust and harms your loved one, you might first feel a mixture of shock, anger, and understandable disbelief. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse occurs more often than people realize in the form of physical, medical, sexual, verbal, and/or financial abuse.

If your loved one suffered abuse while living in a nursing home facility, an experience East Brainerd nursing home abuse lawyer could help. While nothing may erase the abuse from having happened, holding the abusive nursing home and its staff accountable for their harmful conduct could be an essential step in the healing process we all need.

East Brainerd Laws Governing Nursing Home Staff and Administration

Tennessee maintains laws governing nursing homes and the care services they provide, with the aim of protecting vulnerable seniors. When nursing home abuse occurs, often, the facilities are found to have failed to exercise standards set by the state. Evidence of lax standards could present a case for neglect against the nursing home.

For instance, Tennessee law requires nursing homes administrators to obtain proper education, training, and certification, as well as sufficient work experience before they may lead a nursing home.

Additionally, state laws require nursing homes to adequately train, screen, and monitor nursing home staff members before and throughout their employment. Any staff members that have direct contact with residents—whether treating the patients or not—must pass a background check within seven days from the start of their employment. This background check includes a fingerprint screening and criminal history check.

A knowledgeable East Brainerd nursing home abuse lawyer could investigate whether the nursing home staff and administration have necessary qualifications and have filed required background checks.

Laws to Prevent Abusive Nursing Homes in East Brainerd

The state of Tennessee has in place numerous laws and ordinances that are intended to prevent nursing home abuse by staff and facilities. Some of these laws concern the staff work hours and qualifications, residents’ hygienic standards, and nutrition.

Specifically, Tennessee nursing homes are required by law to provide a licensed or practical nurse on duty at the facility 24 hours a day and at least two nursing personnel present during each shift. These staff are in place to not only oversee other working personnel, but also to assist the residents with their needs. Laws regarding residents’ hygiene are meant to be followed by staff which means staff may need to assist residents with showers, change their bedsheets and clothes, or help prevent bedsores through exercise or movement. On top of hygiene, nutrition standards are also in place by the state to ensure healthy living. Nursing homes are required to provide nutritional food served to residents.

An experienced East Brainerd nursing home abuse attorney could look into whether the nursing home facility violated any laws or standards of care.

Contacting a Nursing Home Neglect Attorney in East Brainerd

We all expect a nursing home to treat our loved ones with the care and respect they deserve. When this does not happen, it is essential for families to take a stand against wrongdoers.

If your relative was hurt by a caregiver’s abuse or negligence, a skilled East Brainerd nursing home abuse lawyer could work with you to recover compensation on your loved one’s behalf. Reach out today to begin a confidential case evaluation.