Marion County Personal Injury Lawyer

When one individual is responsible for injuring another, the injured party may choose to file a personal injury suit against them. Personal injury cases are brought in civil court, where the injured party can seek compensation for their pain and suffering and other losses.

It will be the responsibility of your Marion County personal injury lawyer to prove that the actions of the defendant directly or indirectly contributed to your injury.

If your accident lawyer can prove this, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injury, and contrary to popular belief, you can seek compensation through the civil courts even if a criminal court finds the defendant not guilty.

Establishing Negligence

The vast majority of personal injury claims involve a person attempting to hold another individual or entity responsible for their injury. The person filing the suit will be charged with proving that the other person or entity acted in a negligent manner and that this negligence contributed to the overall situation.

From a legal perspective, negligence occurs when a person or organization behaves carelessly, or does not take the proper precautions to keep others safe. To establish negligence, your Marion County personal injury lawyer will need to establish the following:

  • The responsible party had a legal duty to ensure the safety of the plaintiff to some degree
  • The responsible party breached this duty by failing to take necessary precautions or actions
  • This inability to act or take precautions caused the victim to become injured
  • The victim sustained an injury as the result of the negligence of the responsible party

If all of the above applies to your case, your Marion County personal injury lawyer will have a greater chance of helping you obtain justice.

What Happens During a Personal Injury Trial

There are many different types of personal injury lawsuits, but negligence remains the basis for all of them. In the United States, some of the most commonly filed personal injury lawsuits involve medical malpractice, slips and falls, animal attacks, and traffic accidents.

The overwhelming majority of cases settle without ever going to trial. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your injury, your case may be tried in a formal court proceeding or you may be offered a settlement.

In a traditional court proceeding, your case will go before a judge and jury in a courtroom, and the jury will be responsible for deciding whether or not the defendant is liable for the injuries.

In most personal injury cases, the responsible party will offer a settlement before the case makes it to court. A settlement is a sum of money paid to the victim for his or her pain and suffering and other expenses. The majority of individuals and insurance companies do not want to take their chances in court and will offer a settlement to avoid litigation.

Your Marion County personal injury lawyer may advise you, but ultimately, it will be your decision whether or not you wish to accept the settlement.

Learn More From a Marion County Personal Injury Lawyer

Due to statutes of limitation, you may have a limited amount of time to file your personal injury claim. Being injured at the hands of another person is traumatic enough, and our law firm believes that you should not be tasked with the responsibility of trying your own case.

With a Marion County personal injury lawyer from our law firm on your side, you will have access to the legal guidance and experience you need to win your case. Contact us today to learn more about personal injury laws.