East Brainerd Car Accident Lawyer

Many people safely drive each and every day. However, the high number of drivers of the road and the number of modern distractions mean preventable car accidents happen in East Brainerd. While some accidents can be minor inconveniences, all car accidents have the potential to drastically change the lives of drivers and their families.

Following an accident, insurance companies may quickly offer or pressure you to take a settlement. However, anyone who has been in an accident should first contact an established East Brainerd car accident lawyer. Allow a strong injury attorney to look through any insurance claims or settlement offers before proceeding. Though a car accident can be stressful, you do not have to face this situation alone. Allow an attorney to protect your legal interests and ensure you receive fair treatment.

Common Accident Causes

Often, car collisions will occur because of driver negligence. All drivers on the road possess a duty to act in the same way as another reasonable driver would act. When a driver fails to adhere to this duty of care and causes an accident, the offending driver may be found liable for the injuries suffered in a civil court of law.

Common duty of care violations that cause car accidents in East Brainerd may include:

  • Driver inattentiveness
  • Disregard for traffic laws
  • Aggressive driving or road rage
  • Driver inexperience
  • Poorly maintained or malfunctioning vehicles

Comparative Fault in East Brainerd Car Accidents

It is not uncommon for multiple people to share liability in a car accident. However, the level of blame, or degree of liability, may change from person to person. During court proceedings, the jury may be instructed to assign a percentage of fault to all liable parties. The percentage of liability could impact how much compensation is paid to the plaintiff.

Occasionally, an injured person may bear some of the liability for an accident. In this case, a jury will also assign them a percentage of fault. Then, the total award may be reduced by the assigned percentage of liability, in accordance with Tennessee Code § 29-11-102.

If the court determines a plaintiff is more than 50 percent liable for a car crash or resulting injuries, they may be barred from seeking any recovery. Insurance companies may attempt to use this rule to avoid paying damages. Fortunately, a seasoned East Brainerd car accident lawyer could help to defend against unwarranted claims of shared fault.

Settling a Car Accident Case in East Brainerd

Those who do not wish to go to court have another option. Often, parties will reach an acceptable settlement outside of court. Settling allows a potential plaintiff to be compensated for their suffering without a lengthy and sometimes emotionally draining trial.

East Brainerd settlement cases usually start with negotiation between the plaintiff’s car accident lawyer and a defendant’s legal team. While the choice to accept a car accident settlement offer is up to the plaintiff, a knowledgeable attorney may provide insight regarding fair compensation, a defendant’s level of fault, and other legal options.

Necessity of an East Brainerd Car Accident Attorney

You may simply want to move on after a car accident. However, accepting a questionable settlement from a car insurance company could make fully recovering from an accident challenging. If you have been offered any settlement, it may be beneficial to have an East Brainerd car accident lawyer look through the terms of compensation.

Allow an attorney to help protect your legal interests and rights. To discuss a settlement and learn more about compensation that may be available to you, call an attorney today to schedule an initial consultation.