Greg Watson: Workers’ Compensation

Greg Watson turned to Massey & Associates to help with his worker’s compensation claim. He was pleased with the results.

Greg Watson was at work, lifting and stacking trays, when he suffered a torn rotator cuff in his shoulder. Despite the laws in Tennessee that are supposed to protect employees like Greg, he was denied work comp benefits.

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Gary Massey:  Your name is Greg, is that right?

Greg: Yes, Gregory Lebron Watson.

Gary Massey:  Greg what brought you to see Massey & Associates?

Greg:  Well, I had got hurt on my job lifting trays, I was stacking things up over my head and um, I tore my rotator cuff and I went to see the doctor and they did surgery, as a matter of fact they done two surgeries and I let them know it was work related, but they administered to me because I had group insurance, but as a result it was work related and was supposed to go under workman’s comp and workman’s comp for the company I was working for at the time, they was denying, trying not to pay and so I had to get a lawyer to get workman’s comp to pay.

Gary Massey:  Before your injury Greg, what kind of work history did you have?

Greg:  Well I’d done mostly construction, lifting, retail, but everything I had done was using my shoulders, lifting at some point in time.

Gary Massey:  Had you been able to work and provide for your family and everything your whole life?

Greg:  Oh yes, yes. Ya gotta work.

Gary Massey:  What about after this injury? What kind of condition did it leave you in after your surgeries?

Greg:  Well, it left me in a limited ability. Whereas I can no longer do those same jobs, but I can do some lifting up to waist high. I can’t do anything heavy over my head, but as a result, ya know, I was awarded, rewarded, ya know, whereas I can still take care of my family and take care of myself.

Gary Massey:  So the insurance company the Worker’s’ comp insurance refused to pay your claim, is that right?

Greg:  Yes they was lying, trying to say I wasn’t hurt on the job.

Gary Massey:  And how did you get that dealt with?

Greg:  I went and see Gary Massey and we went to the state and dealt with workman’s comp and we got approved.

Gary Massey:  And what kind of situation are you in now?

Greg:  I’m OK. I’m disabled right now, but I’m in fine health ya know, my shoulder don’t bother me with my everyday things.

Gary Massey:  What about providing for yourself and your loved ones?

Greg:  I’m OK, I’m OK. I was rewarded and right now I’m on fixed income. My kids are grown. I’m not gonna be rich, but I’m able to make ends meet.

Gary Massey:  Good, good for you