Ms. Broyles: Slip & Fall

Ms. Broyles suffered from an shoulder injury after a fall on ice at her apartment complex. She turned to Massey & Associates when the property owners refused to cover her medical expenses and then evicted her. Ms. Broyles was happy with the results she obtained with Massey & Associates.

Ms. Broyles had been living in the same apartment for years–one she loved and considered “home.” One day she slipped on ice outside of her apartment and severely injured her shoulder, which required surgery. When she asked the property owners to cover her medical expenses, they not only refused, but they evicted her.

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Question on screen:  What were the unsafe conditions at your apartment that led to your fall?

Ms. Broyles:  The dumpster was kept cleaned out and all that but the water running down there and always freezing and there was always ice around it because there was never any salt put down

Question on screen:  What happened when you reported your fall to the apartment’s management?

Ms. Broyles:  I went to the office and told them that I had fell and I wanted the name of their insurance company and he said we don’t have insurance and I said well I’m scheduled for surgery and I showed him my arm and everything. I said, you know, I’m gonna need your insurance company to pay my bills and I said I’m not gonna be able to work for at least 5 maybe 6 months and I can’t drive. My place of business won’t let me work they won’t let me drive and so they evicted me after 10 days of me falling and put a note on my door saying I had 10 days to get out. Well I had to hire somebody to move me because I couldn’t lift boxes myself. So, it was pretty bad.

Question on screen:  What type of medical treatment did you require?

Ms. Broyles:  I had surgery and then I had therapy and then I had, once the therapy ended after 3 months, I had 3 months of the bands that I did the therapy from home.

Question on screen:  How did you feel about hiring Massey & Associates?

Ms. Broyles:  When I hired Massey & Associates I was very confident that I would be satisfied with what the outcome was with the place that I lived and my fall. I felt very confident that if we were to go to court that the people were very educated and would know how to do the jury and how to handle everything, um, and I was very confident that if it was meant for us to settle that everything would be there too.

Question on screen:  Are you happy with the results?

Ms. Broyles:  I have been very, very pleased with how my attorneys have done. I’m sorry.