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Ms. Ashley: Medical Malpractice

Ms. Ashley received a blood transfusion at a local hospital. The hospital and its staff placed her life in jeopardy when they proceeded to give her the wrong blood type. Shortly after receiving the wrong blood, Ms. Ashley’s health quickly started to worsen. Fortunately, her family recognized something was wrong and notified the medical staff.

Ms. Davis: Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Ms. Davis, a loving mother was in a nursing home—a place where she was supposed to be properly cared for. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Her son Radford who visited his mother frequently, watched helplessly as her health started to deteriorate. She started loosing weight and developed a bed sore, which placed undo stress on her heart. Sadly, Ms. Davis passed away, and Radford lost his mother due to the nursing home’s negligence.

Ms. Broyles: Slip & Fall

Ms. Broyles had been living in the same apartment for years–one she loved and considered “home.” One day she slipped on ice outside of her apartment and severely injured her shoulder, which required surgery. When she asked the property owners to cover her medical expenses, they not only refused, but they evicted her.

Greg Watson: Social Security Disability

Greg Watson, a hard working man, earned a living doing manual labor jobs that required him to lift things over his head. One day at work Greg injured (torn rotator cuff) his left shoulder and was no longer able to work. He applied for Social Security Disability benefits on his own, but was turned down, twice.

Mr. Heath: Bankruptcy

Like many good people in Tennessee, Mr. Heath was having financial problems. He came to Massey & Associates Chattanooga office, looking for guidance. Gary Massey, the firm’s founder and practicing bankruptcy lawyer was able to help.

Mr. Coker: Motor Vehicle Accident

Mr. Coker was driving when his vehicle was struck by a box truck. He suffered multiple injuries and was unable to work. Initially, the trucking company refused to take responsibility—they refused to help Mr. Coker and his family. This prompted Mr. Coker to hire Massey & Associates.

Mr. Bates: Medical Malpractice

Mr. Bates was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Surgery was performed to remove some of his pancreas as part of his cancer treatment. However, the medical professionals who performed the surgery left a surgical towel inside Mr. Bates’ body, which resulted in further health problems. Before calling Massey & Associates, Mr. Bates contacted three different law firms regarding his medical malpractice situation; all three refused to take his case because the “case was too big.” Gary Massey and his legal team took the case and successfully settled the case.

Laura Olmstead: Pedestrian Accident

Laura Olmstead, an innocent pedestrian, was injured after being struck by an uninsured driver. Her insurance company, Tennesse Farm Bureau, took the side of the negligent driver and refused to compensate Laura for her injuries.

Greg Watson: Workers’ Compensation

Greg Watson was at work, lifting and stacking trays, when he suffered a torn rotator cuff in his shoulder. Despite the laws in Tennessee that are supposed to protect employees like Greg, he was denied work comp benefits.

Bonnie Green: Workers’ Compensation

“They helped me get what I needed to make it through the rest of my life.”

Robert G: Slip & Fall

“More than ever would I refer Massey & Associates.”

Tonda Hambrick

“If anyone in Chattanooga needs an attorney, Mr. Massey is your man”

Eric Elrod: Workers’ Compensation

“..there could be stuff you don’t know about, and you really need to speak to an attorney”