Robert G: Slip & Fall

Robert is a small general contractor who was injured in a slip and fall accident.  He turned to Massey & Associates and was hoping to recoup some of his lost wages and medical expenses.  Massey & Associates was able to recover his lost wages, medical expenses and compensation for pain and suffering.  Robert highly recommends Massey & Associates.

“More than ever would I refer Massey & Associates.”

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Interviewer: Bob tells us a little about yourself.

Robert G:  My name is Robert G, I am a small general contractor, I do some small commercial work.  I was involved in an accident at a retail store where I was purchasing some supplies after getting the materials that I was going to use the retailer had a situation and I could not see and I fell and broke my arm and I had some injuries.

Interviewer:  Did they want to pay for it?

Robert G.:  They wanted to pay for the hospital whatever expenses I had in the hospital.

Interviewer:  But was that enough to compensate you for what your losses were?

Robert G.:  No, because at the time I had several jobs going and had several quotes out that after I had broken my arm, I had gotten a lot of those jobs and was not able to really perform.  So I felt that I had some lost wages there.  I couldn’t perform and I was losing business and that was my livelihood.

Interviewer:   Did your arm heal 100% completely?

Robert G.:   I say probably 85-90%.  I am still able to work but there’s some limitations, there are things I can’t do that I use to do.

Interviewer:  How did you find Massey & Associates?

Robert G.:  There was a person that had worked for y’alls firm that I go to church with that had opened her own firm and I asked her first of all could she handle the situation and she said no, she said you need to go to Massey & Associates.  She said they are the people that can handle that type situation and they are good people.

Interviewer:   Were we able to help you get your lost income, your lost wages, and compensate you for the future problems with your arm?

Robert G.:  More than I expected quite a bit more than I expected, as I started out I was hoping that I would be able to get some of my lost wages and the hospital bills paid for, but Massey & Associates was able to get me even more than that. Something that I had not thought of was the pain and suffering if you will because there are things I can’t do anymore that come into factor with that.

Interviewer:  Bob, would you recommend other people to go to Massey & Associates?

Robert G.:   Not only would I recommend I already have recommended people to come to Massey & Associates who have had some claims or had some things that have happened and needing some representation. Yes, more than ever I would refer Massey & Associates.

Interviewer:   Why would that be Bob?

Robert G.: They are good people, they do what say they will do, they are easy to get a hold of if you have a question or you have something that comes up that you are thinking about or not sure about or you got to do is just call them, they are quick to get back with you and give you the information that you need and more than anything give you assurance.

Interviewer:  Thank you Bob.