East Brainerd Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle accidents often have catastrophic results and life-long effects. If you or your loved one suffered injury in a motorcycle crash, an experienced East Brainerd motorcycle accident lawyer could work with you to pursue compensation for your losses from the party whose negligence caused the accident.

An experienced attorney could prove to be an invaluable asset when filing against negligent parties.

Liability in Motorcycle Accidents in East Brainerd

When a driver strikes a motorcyclist, the wrongdoer may be liable—along with his or her insurer—for the injuries caused. However, there are a few other parties who could also be held responsible for causing a motorcycle crash:

  • Commercial companies who employ negligent drivers
  • Parties responsible for maintaining safe roadways
  • Third-party drivers or others who caused a multi-vehicle accident

A knowledgeable East Brainerd motorcycle accident lawyer could work with victims to thoroughly investigate the circumstances of their accident and determine which party or parties could be held accountable for a motorcycle crash victim’s damages.

Negligence Laws in East Brainerd Motorcycle Accident Cases

Motorcyclists injured in Tennessee are often accused of comparative negligence when they file a claim for compensation of their damages since this tactic could help negligent defendants reduce or escape liability. Under Tennessee law, victims who are deemed to share half of the fault—or more—in causing their own injuries could be barred from recovering damages from another negligent party altogether. And, even when a victim’s claim is not prevented from going forward, his or her damages awarded may be reduced by the portion of fault contributed. A skilled East Brainerd motorcycle accident lawyer familiar with the process of refuting allegations of comparative negligence could help substantiate a claim.

Motorcycle Helmet Laws in East Brainerd

Tennessee is a state that maintains a universal helmet law on its books, meaning that motorcyclists and their passengers, regardless of age or experience, are required to wear helmets at all times while motorcycling. When a biker is injured in a crash, failure to wear a helmet could be considered evidence of comparative negligence, potentially reducing the negligent actor’s liability. This is true even when another party’s egregious conduct caused the accident.

However, just because a victim failed to wear a helmet does not mean he or she could not recover any damages. An experienced East Brainerd motorcycle accident attorney could help the court understand why the victim’s negligence should not bar his or her recovery of damages altogether.

Recovering Losses Experienced

Regardless of how the motorcycle collision took place, victims could be eligible for a wide range of damages, such as compensation of lost wages and medical bills—often called monetary damages. Victims may also be able to obtain a damage award representative of noneconomic losses, like pain and suffering, or the loss of the ability to enjoy life or attain the career aspirations and educational goals held previously. Depending on the circumstances of a case, there may even be exceptions to the limits of how much a victim might recover.

Reach Out to an Experienced East Brainerd Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Whether or not you believe your actions played a role in the injuries you suffered, your compassionate East Brainerd motorcycle accident lawyer could be your advocate. There are a variety of techniques your attorney might draw upon to determine who ultimately caused the motorcycle collision.

Dealing with the physical and emotional aspects a motorcycle injury is taxing enough. Reach out for a confidential consultation today.