Greg Watson: Social Security Disability

Mr. Watson discusses his experience filing for SSD and why he turned to Massey & Associates.

Greg Watson, a hard working man, earned a living doing manual labor jobs that required him to lift things over his head. One day at work Greg injured (torn rotator cuff) his left shoulder and was no longer able to work. He applied for Social Security Disability benefits on his own but was turned down, twice.

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Question on screen: Mr. Watson describes what led him to apply for Social security Disability.

Mr. Watson: All the work I’ve done has been physical. I can’t lift anything over 30 pounds over my shoulders no more then maybe once or twice and as a result I could no longer do none of the work I’ve done in the past.

Question on screen: What happened when you applied for disability benefits on your own?Mr. Watson: I applied for Social Security and I was turned down once, twice..

Question on screen: What did it take to finally get approved?

Mr. Watson: I contracted with Gary Massey who knows my history and we went over things and it was just a matter of me sitting down and letting him do all the work and I was approved. Gary Massey made plenty of sense for me.