East Brainerd Defective Products Lawyer

Americans rely on a plethora of products in their everyday lives from the parts of their automobile to their hairdryers and everything in between. While these modern conveniences certainly make life easier, consumers often forget that they could pose a threat to their safety. Not all products placed on the market are safe for use.

Product designers and manufacturers could be held liable by an East Brainerd defective products lawyer for damages their product causes to a consumer. If you suffer from injuries caused by a product that malfunctioned, a consult with an experienced attorney should be your next step.

Product Liability in Tennessee

If a dangerous or defective product is placed on the market for consumer use, Tennessee law provides that the manufacturer, designer, or retailer could be sued and ultimately owe compensation to the injured consumer. Products sold here should meet the average expectations of consumers. In essence, they should work as they were intended.

To win a defective product case or receive a fair settlement, the plaintiff’s East Brainerd defective products attorney must be able to prove that the product in question was distributed by the manufacturer in an unreasonably dangerous or defective condition. This means it needs to be more dangerous than the user expected or that a reasonably prudent product manufacturer would not have placed the product on the market if it was aware of the potentially dangerous defect.

It is important to note that the manufacturer did not necessarily need to be aware of the product’s danger but that if it had been aware of it, they would not have marketed and sold the product.

Strict Liability

The legal concept of strict liability is often applied in product liability claims. This means that manufacturers and companies are held accountable for their products no matter the negligence on the part of the consumer. In most cases, victims or their attorneys would need to show intentional or negligent conduct, rather than the defendant’s strict liability led to injuries and damages for victims.

Deadline to File East Brainerd Product Liability Claims

As found in Tennesee Code § 29-28-103, individuals injured by a defective product have six years from the date of their injury in which to file a defective product claim. Additionally, the claim cannot be filed more than one year from the expiration of the life expectancy of the product or more than ten years from the date of purchase or use by the consumer.

By hiring a defective products lawyer in East Brainerd to represent their legal interests as soon as possible after the injury occurs, injured individuals could help increase the chances that their case is still valid when it is filed. If the date of the claim filing exceeds the statute of limitations, in most cases, a victim would have no further legal recourse or way to become compensated for his or her damages.

Hire an East Brainerd Defective Products Attorney

By hiring an East Brainerd defective products lawyer, you could ensure that your claim follows the requirements of a product liability case and is filed within the sometimes confusing statute of limitations for product liability cases. An attorney could review your case to determine if or how the products designer, manufacturer, or seller could be held liable for your damages. Call today to schedule your consultation.