Laura Olmstead: Pedestrian Accident

Our client, an innocent woman, was struck by an uninsured driver. She describes her experience with Massey & Associates.

Laura Olmstead, an innocent pedestrian, was injured after being struck by an uninsured driver. Her insurance company, Tennesse Farm Bureau, took the side of the negligent driver and refused to compensate Laura for her injuries.

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Statement on screen: An innocent pedestrian, struck by an uninsured driver, tells her story.

Personal injury victim: I was hit as a pedestrian by an uninsured motorist with no driver’s license and I had to get Massey to represent me.
Everyone did their job. Initially, 4 days before the trial, they finally admitted liability, after all these years, that it was his fault. We knew that all along and then we got to trial and I guess they tried to make it out like getting hit by a truck doesn’t hurt and I was making it up

Question on screen: Are you happy with the legal representation you received from Massey & Associates?

Personal injury victim: I am pleased. Finally after eight long years we had a jury trial to settle my case. Thank you guys.