Ms. Ashley: Medical Malpractice

Glenda Ashley discusses her medical malpractice suit that occurred after she was given the wrong blood in a blood transfusion.

Ms. Ashley received a blood transfusion at a local hospital. The hospital and its staff placed her life in jeopardy when they proceeded to give her the wrong blood type. Shortly after receiving the wrong blood, Ms. Ashley’s health quickly started to worsen. Fortunately, her family recognized something was wrong and notified the medical staff.

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Statement on Screen:  Glenda Ashley describes her experience with a blood transfusion at a local hospital

Glenda Ashley:  I was in a hospital and they had come in, my blood was very low, and they wanted to start giving me blood and so they tested me for my blood type and stuff and then they came back and hooked me up to the blood.

Question on Screen:  How did the staff become aware that you had received the wrong blood type?

Glenda Ashley:  I had a room full of family there and by my sister noticing that I kept falling to the bed with my head and stuff and they said my eyes were off to the side and within minutes I was about gone. I didn’t know anything and I had sorta like passed out and my sister started screaming. She went down the hall and they found out that I was given the wrong blood type.

Question on Screen:  When your family had questions about the hospital’s mistake, where did they go?

Glenda Ashley:  My sister and my husband came to Mr. Massey and talked to him and Denise his paralegal, I believe she is right? They set everything up to check out everything and they found out that the hospital was in the wrong.

Question on Screen: Why did you file a medical malpractice lawsuit?

Glenda Ashley: Well I just want them to be more careful when they are taking care of the patients and make sure that they know what they are giving them because I was given the wrong blood while I was there and I was also given the wrong medication at one time.

What was your experience like with Massey & Associates?

Glenda Ashely: Massey & Associates treated me very nice.  They would explain stuff to me on the phone about the questions that I had. When everything was coming to a closure they had me come in and they explained everything, what had been done and that they had found out that I was done wrong. They got everything settled and we won our case!

Question on Screen: Would you recommend Massey & Associates to others?

Glenda Ashley: If someone I know got hurt in a hospital or anywhere I would recommend Massey & Associates. I already have as a matter of fact. I just want to thank Massey & Associates for being very good to me and my family and getting everything done and in order and everything in as quickly as they did.