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An accident that befalls you or your loved one could leave with you with injuries that dramatically alter your life. Aside from the physical and mental toll such injuries exact, the financial costs associated with your recovery could be considerable. Fortunately, through a personal injury lawsuit, though, you may not need to bear that financial burden yourself.

A Hamilton County personal injury lawyer could help you and your loved ones determine what compensation, if any, you may be able to recover through a lawsuit. Legal counsel could help represent you and your interests in court and settlement negotiations, advancing your legal rights.

Types of Personal Injury Incidents

Several incidents fall under the broad umbrella of “personal injury incidents”. What these various accidents have in common is negligence. While how the harm befell victims in a personal injury claim varies, the act of simple negligence is the common underlying feature.

Some examples of personal injury accidents that could lead to a lawsuit for compensation include:

  • Motor vehicle crashes
  • Truck and bus wrecks
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Injuries occurring on the premises of another
  • Medical errors and malpractice
  • Wrongful death accidents

Succeeding in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Once a personal injury lawsuit has started, success in the suit comes when the lawsuit settles or when the plaintiff prevails in court. In a settlement, the at-fault defendant and the injured plaintiff agree on an amount of compensation the defendant is to pay over to the plaintiff. In exchange, the plaintiff agrees to accept the compensation amount and release the defendant from any other legal responsibility regarding the accident.

Not all cases might or should settle, however. Those cases that do not settle may proceed to trial if the victim so wishes to pursue legal action further. The injured plaintiff must establish several aspects of negligence law to succeed. These propositions are:

  • The defendant owed the plaintiff a legally-recognized duty to act in a specific manner
  • The defendant did not act in that way but instead acted carelessly or with less regard than he or she should have, under the circumstances
  • The defendant’s actions led to the plaintiff’s injuries
  • The expenses associated with the plaintiff’s damages are compensable with an award of money payable by the defendant

Each of these propositions must be shown to be true by the plaintiff and the plaintiff’s evidence and witnesses.

Types of Compensable Losses in Personal Injury Suits

The financial costs of the plaintiff’s injuries are compensable in a successful claim. This includes both expenses the plaintiff already has sustained as well as those the plaintiff might experience in the future. Economic losses like medical treatment costs and pay the plaintiff did not earn because the plaintiff was unable to work need to be calculated using invoices, work schedules, and wage information.

The plaintiff may also receive compensation for noneconomic losses, such as experiencing physical or mental anguish and the inability to do the hobbies and activities he or she used to do. These losses are more challenging to place a value on due to the absence of a bill or statement. Still, experienced counsel in Hamilton County could help ascribe an amount on such losses based on the facts of any particular case.

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A Hamilton County personal injury lawyer is available to assist you in pursuing compensation from the person or people who caused your injuries. Because your legal right to pursue a claim for compensation expires one year after the injury accident, you need to talk with an attorney today about your next steps in seeking restitution for your injuries.