East Brainerd Premises Liability Lawyer

Premises liability accidents could occur whenever you visit someone else’s property, whether it is a private residence, or a store, retail location, school, public office, recreation venue or other business. No matter who owns the property, that person could be liable if you or your loved one suffered an injury while visiting his or her premises—especially if the conduct that led to the accident or injury could be considered negligent. While we may wish to only focus on recovering, reaching out to an experienced attorney could be the first step toward obtaining compensation for recovery.

A skilled East Brainerd premises liability lawyer could help you fight for the compensation you need after a premises liability injury.

Factors Courts in East Brainerd Consider when Determining Premises Liability

The strength of a victim’s premises liability claim could depend on several factors. Courts often consider whether the property owner or its management:

  • Knew about a hazard or should have known that one existed
  • Failed to remedy a known danger
  • Failed to regularly inspect the property for potential risks that visitors or guests could encounter while on the premises
  • Failed to warn visitors to the property about a known danger while it is being remedied
  • Invited the victim onto the property to conduct business or visit as a social guest
  • Acted especially egregiously by leaving the property in unreasonably unsafe conditions or trying to hurt someone intentionally
  • Violated the law

However a victim’s injuries came about while spending time on another’s premises, a knowledgeable East Brainerd premises liability attorney could determine who is at fault.

Statute of Limitations in East Brainerd Premises Liability Cases

Tennessee operates under an especially strict statute of limitations, or time limit, for filing personal injury claims. The state allows only one year from the date the injury or accident occurred to file a damage claim. This short time restriction is in contrast to most other states, which often offer at least two years before the time limit bars claimants from seeking to recover their losses from the responsible party.

In some instances, victims may be able to obtain an extension of the time limit by showing the court that they had a reasonable delay in discovering an injury that took place on another party’s premises. An East Brainerd premises liability attorney could help victims adhere to Tennessee’s strict time limits for filing personal injury claims.

Reach Out to an Experienced East Brainerd Premises Liability Lawyer

Each premises liability case is unique. When we or people we know are injured because of a property owner’s irresponsible upkeep, we may feel as though holding that person accountable is the right thing to do. Fortunately, A skilled East Brainerd premises liability lawyer could accurately assess the compensation you may be able to seek through a personal injury claim.

It is important to work with an understanding East Brainerd premises liability attorney who could establish for the court just how devastating a personal injury is when it occurred as the result of a property owner’s negligence or carelessness.