Ms. Davis: Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

Miss Davis developed a bed sore while in a nursing home. The care she received and the bed sore led to her suffering and death. Radford Davis, her son, describes her injuries and the emotional toll it took on him as he watched his mother’s health deteriorate.

Ms. Davis, a loving mother was in a nursing home—a place where she was supposed to be properly cared for. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Her son Radford who visited his mother frequently, watched helplessly as her health started to deteriorate. She started loosing weight and developed a bed sore, which placed undo stress on her heart. Sadly, Ms. Davis passed away, and Radford lost his mother due to the nursing home’s negligence.

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On Screen: Radford Davis describes what happened to his mother while she was in a nursing home.

Radford Davis: Well my mother, Miss Davis, was in a nursing home and by my experience, by being there on a daily to weekly basis that she and others had not been being attended to like they should be.

Question on Screen: What specific injuries did your mother suffer from while under their care?

Radford Davis: Um, my mother suffered loss of weight, developed a bed sore on her behind and I think she developed a heart complication during the continuing process of this here wound that actually progressed and become worse over time.

Question on Screen: What did you learn about bed sores from your mother’s experience?

Radford Davis: Get em taken care of quick, fast and in a hurry. Don’t let them develop. Be vigilant because if you lay in one place for too long and it’s not being taken care of or seen too that it will become worse and it will shorten your life.

Question on Screen: Did your mother’s condition ever improve?

Radford Davis: Her condition, it just kept getting worse and worse and the only thing that I would be told is that “we’re seeing to her and everything is doing well and we are trying to keep it washed and keep it clean…” and ok, it wasn’t getting better.

Question on Screen: How did the nursing home’s negligence affect you?

Radford Davis: I felt horrible watching how her condition deteriorated from that bedsore alone. It really sickened me.

Question on Screen: What did you find out about your mother’s death?

Radford Davis: I found out that it actually was one of the main causes of her short life span because of the care that she received at this home.

Question on Screen: You chose Massey & Associates to handle your case. How would your explain your experience?

Radford Davis: Dealing with Massey & Associates I was surprised by how quick and efficient you guys are. I was always kept informed when I was called, I was informed on what was going on, how the situation is being handled and y’all got it done and took care of business and y’all made sure they didn’t get away with it. I am very happy for you guys. I’m glad I gave y’all a call.

Question on Screen: Were you satisfied with the legal representation you received from Massey & Associates?

Radford Davis: Since the case is over I still feel a loss because I could still have her here now, but I feel at least something is gonna come out of it from her not being taken care of like she should have been and you made sure that if you don’t wanna do your job then you pay for not doing your job.

Question on Screen: What advice do you have for someone who has suffered a loss due to negligence?

Radford Davis: Call Massey & Associates. Nobody else. Cause if you want something done, he’s the guy to do it.