Hamilton County Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

Prescription drugs are meant to make patients better, not worse. When an injury or illness arises after taking a drug, you might feel discouraged and frustrated with the drug companies, and those that failed to treat you properly.

But taking on large pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals is not an easy task. It could take a lot of resources and legal experience to challenge them. A Hamilton County dangerous drugs lawyer might be able to assist you on your quest for recovery. As a local personal injury attorney with experience, they could help you navigate the process, leading you toward the finish line.

Bringing a Personal Injury Suit

Plaintiffs that suffer an illness or injury from a dangerous drug might seek compensation against multiple responsible parties. First, a plaintiff might choose to file a personal injury claim against the drug company that manufactured the dangerous drug.

In order to file a personal injury lawsuit, the plaintiff must file a summons and complaint with the court within the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations places a time limit on a plaintiff’s right to sue for a particular cause of action. Plaintiffs seeking to bring a personal injury case must do so within one year of their injury under Tennessee Code §28-3-104.

A dangerous drugs attorney in Hamilton County might make the argument that the drug company was negligent with respect to the manufacture or labeling of the product. Prescription drug companies have a duty to warn consumers of known side effects that could manifest as a result of taking the drug. This is usually done through proper labeling, listing the known side effects. If a company fails to properly label a prescription drug, a plaintiff could assert that the defendant breached his or her duty of care by failing to warn the injury victim and causing him or her harm.

Other Forms of Recovery for Dangerous Drugs in Hamilton

Depending on the facts of the case, a plaintiff may also choose to sue a “learned intermediary” in addition to or opposed to the drug company. A learned intermediary is someone who could prescribe the drug to the plaintiff, such as a doctor or pharmacist. For example, if someone’s physician fails to warn him or her of the side effects of the drug or improperly prescribes the drug in connection with another drug that could be harmful when taken together, the plaintiff may sue that physician for personal injuries.

Not every case goes to trial and receives a jury verdict for damages. In fact, most cases are statistically settled before the case ever makes it to trial. A settlement occurs when the defendant agrees to pay compensation in exchange for the plaintiff to relinquish his or her right to sue the defendant. A dangerous drugs lawyer in Hamilton County could help prospective plaintiffs negotiate their settlement and defense attorneys.

Ways That a Hamilton County Dangerous Drugs Attorney Could Help

Suffering through a harmful side effect, injury, or illness that resulted from a prescription drug, could be a devastating experience. It could take a long period of time to get better, keeping you out of work, and keeping you from doing the things that you love.

A Hamilton County dangerous drugs lawyer could help you fight for just compensation for your injuries. Attorneys could help you take on the resourceful defense law firms, and put your case on track toward relief. Call and reach out to an attorney to start your claim for recovery.