Hamilton County Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents are notorious for leaving people in passenger cars or other, smaller vehicles with tremendously severe injuries. Although a motorist’s carelessness has the potential to cause collisions on the road, the extra training and more stringent requirements commercial driver’s license holders must complete do not prevent CDL holders from making any mistakes at all.

When a truck crash occurs because the trucker makes a thoughtless decision behind the wheel, compensation may be available. Commencing a lawsuit with the help of a Hamilton County trucking accident lawyer may lead to a settlement or monetary judgment that provides you or your injured family member with financial compensation.

What Makes Trucking Collision Lawsuits Different

Any lawsuit filed following a truck wreck is likely to involve one or more obstacles that could complicate the recovery process. These include:

  • The doctrine of respondeat superior, which may require that the injured plaintiff join the truck driver’s employer as a defendant to the suit
  • Determining whether the trucker is an employee of a particular company or an independent contractor
  • Evidence, such as the trucker’s logbook or electronic log and event data recorder, that could quickly disappear without quick legal steps to preserve such evidence
  • Local and national laws and regulations that apply to commercial drivers and not to private drivers operating passenger vehicles
  • Aggressive insurance companies working on behalf of trucking companies who attempt to minimize the liability of their clients

When one combines these tasks with the otherwise long list of things an injured plaintiff must do like gather police accident reports and interview witnesses, investigating a truck crash in anticipation of a lawsuit is a time-consuming task. Attorneys who represent plaintiffs in Hamilton County truck crash lawsuits could use their resources and their knowledge to assist plaintiffs in preparing and filing trucking accident lawsuits.

Compensable Injuries in Trucking Accidents

The injuries plaintiffs may suffer in a truck accident could range from minor bruises and cuts to traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, and other catastrophic harm. In most cases, the injured individuals require medical treatment and miss time away from work to heal from the incident. All these and other injuries translate into financial harm to the plaintiffs.

Through a lawsuit, plaintiffs may be entitled to receive financial compensation. This compensation could help them with:

  • Hospital bills, medical procedures, or other medical-related costs
  • Wages that the plaintiff could not earn due to missed work as well as lost future earning potential
  • Physical, mental, or emotional trauma tied to the wreck
  • Compensation for permanent scars or disfigurement

A lawyer working on behalf of Hamilton County truck accident victims could assist victims identify and quantify the losses they have experienced and are likely to experience in the future. This assistance then helps the plaintiffs to pursue an adequate amount of compensation from the truck driver and anyone else who may have played a role in causing the truck crash.

Speak with a Hamilton County Truck Accident Attorney to Learn More

Whether are interested in a settlement offer or pursuing a claim through the courts, you could benefit from having an experienced and knowledgeable Hamilton County truck accident lawyer. There is little time to delay. If you or a loved one have been hurt in a truck crash, speak with an attorney right away about your next steps.