Hamilton County Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

If you suffered an injury as a pedestrian, you might benefit from the advice and counsel of a Hamilton County pedestrian accident lawyer. Taking on legal recovery is tough on your own. An experienced attorney could take you through the step-by-step process of pursuing recovery. From start to finish, a legal professional could be there to support you.

Types of Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians are exposed to many potential threats that could cause them injury. One of the most common ways that a pedestrian is injured is from an automobile accident.

Automobile Collisions

Pedestrians could suffer severe injuries if hit by an automobile. Whether it was crossing the street or on the sidewalk, a negligent driver is liable for the damage he or she causes. In order to hold a driver liable under negligence, a pedestrian accident lawyer in Hamilton County would have to prove that the driver failed to use reasonable care to limit the unreasonable risk of harm to others. Texting while driving, failing to obey traffic signals, driving under the influence, or driving over the speed limit, are all examples of negligent driving.

Proactively, drivers are required to carry basic liability insurance in the case of an accident. At a minimum, drivers must have $15,000 for property damages, $25,000 in liability coverage for injuries caused to one person, and $50,000 in coverage for total bodily injury or death for more than one victim. Insurance coverage is available to drivers, passengers, as well as pedestrians.

Property Liability

Sometimes pedestrians face injuries that result from a dangerous condition on someone else’s property. For example, a pedestrian could fall and injure himself or herself on a business owner’s icy stairway. Or, a pedestrian might trip on a defective sidewalk, which in some cases might involve suing the local or state government responsible for maintaining the public sidewalks.

Types of Recoverable Losses for Victims

A Hamilton County pedestrian accident attorney could help victims seek an array of damages, commonly known as recoverable losses, depending on the nature of their injuries. Pedestrians might seek economic losses, emotional damages, as well as punitive damages in unique cases.

If an injury causes a plaintiff to rack up medical bills, miss work, or pay out-of-pocket expenses, that person could pursue economic damages. If an injured pedestrian also experiences emotional distress or pain and suffering from his or her injuries, that person could also seek noneconomic damages. Under Tennessee Code §29-39-104, punitive damages, on the other hand, may only be sought if the plaintiff shows by clear and convincing evidence that the defendant acted with malice, intent, fraud, or recklessness.

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Dealing with an injury is difficult. You might have to go through medical treatment, physical therapy, and miss time from work. These issues could not only be painful and frustrating, but they could also cause financial stress.

A Hamilton County pedestrian accident lawyer might be able to help. Attorneys could review your circumstances and help you determine what options are best for your future recovery efforts. They could help you identify the key issues in your case, helping you plan ahead for negotiations, documents, and legal arguments. Start your journey to legal recovery, contact us today.