Hamilton County Bus Accident Lawyer

Passengers depend on their drivers to help them arrive safely at their stop. But sometimes, drivers fail to take the proper precautions, drive negligently, and end up causing an accident that creates damage and liability issues.

Seeking legal relief for your losses against experienced defense lawyers might seem intimidating. Without legal assistance, negotiating settlements and lawsuits on your own could be overwhelming. But a Hamilton County bus accident lawyer might be able to help you in your fight for recovery. A personal injury lawyer could stand up for your right to be compensated for your injuries, and guide you along toward recovery.

Suing a Private Party for Relief

There are many large bus companies that provide transportation for a variety of reasons. Some bus companies provide transportation for private schools, some for company transportation, other long-distance travel for profit, like the company Greyhound.

If the bus accident occurred with a private busing company or employee, a bus crash lawyer in Hamilton County would likely have to prove the elements of negligence in order to recover. The legal doctrine of negligence requires plaintiffs to prove that the defendant owed them a duty of care, which the alleged wrongdoer breached, causing the plaintiffs’ harm. For example, if a bus driver was operating the vehicle under the influence, he or she would be in breach of his or her duty of care to passengers. Additionally, if alleged wrongdoers caused the accident, they could be liable.

The drivers themselves may not be the only ones that are liable. Plaintiffs might sue the bus company as well under a theory of vicarious liability. Under vicarious liability, a company could be held liable for the negligent actions of its employee if the employee’s conduct took place within the scope of his or her employment. Companies could also be held liable if they negligently hired the employee. For example, if they hired a bus driver, knowing that he or she had a history of drunk driving and continued to drink, an injured plaintiff could hold the company vicariously liable.

Suing the Government for Bus Accident Relief in Hamilton

When a plaintiff brings a case against a government employee or bus organization, things could result differently for injury victims. The first issue that might arise is sovereign immunity. The Tennessee Governmental Tort Liability Act, codified under Tennessee Code §29-20-101, allows agencies and their agents immunity from tort liability from liability under certain circumstances.

However, most government agencies permit lawsuits to proceed despite sovereign immunity, but it could occur. Traditionally, municipalities, school districts, counties, and cities are not entitled to sovereign immunity. Plaintiffs bringing a case against a government agency or its agent must file their claim within one year of the accident under the filing deadline. A bus collision lawyer in Hamilton County might be able to advise prospective plaintiffs on the statute of limitations related to their case.

Ways That a Hamilton County Bus Accident Attorney Could Help

Bus accident cases are complex with multiple passengers seeking relief against the same defendants. A Hamilton County bus accident lawyer could help simplify the process for you. Attorneys could handle the logistics, filling you in every step of the way so that you could make informed decisions. Call now and schedule your consultation to start exploring your potential options for legal relief.