Hamilton County Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Nursing homes and assisted care facilities provide a valuable service to families whose elderly loved ones are incapable of continuing to live independently. Families in Hamilton County place an incredible amount of trust in these facilities and their staff, believing that they would adequately care for their family members. Not every nursing home honors this trust, however.

A Hamilton County nursing home abuse lawyer’s assistance is critical for you and your family to obtain justice against careless or reckless administrators and callous employees. Contact a personal injury lawyer today.

How Nursing Home Abuse Occurs and Comes to Light

Residents of nursing homes are under the care and supervision of employees for nearly 24 hours of every day. Depending on an individual’s needs, residents may rely upon nursing home staff to feed them, dress them, deliver their medications, and transport them from one location to another.

Unfortunately, this gives nursing home staff plenty of opportunities to abuse residents by:

  • Physically beating or sexually abusing residents
  • Mentally tormenting or ridiculing residents
  • Withholding vita medications that the resident needs
  • Not changing the resident’s bed sheets or clothing
  • Failing to respond promptly when the resident falls or has some other medical need

In some cases, these abusive acts are caught on camera and are difficult for the nursing home and the perpetrator to deny. Other times, concerned family members may only have the statements of the resident upon which to rely.

Learning of Abuse or Neglect

When we discover that our loved ones have been harmed, the shock we feel is understandably overwhelming. People may find out about abuse in a variety of ways:

  • Reports by their abused loved ones detailing the harm they have suffered
  • Seeing fresh injuries on their family members that do not have an acceptable explanation
  • Not being able to see their loved ones during regular visiting hours or at other appropriate times
  • The sudden deterioration of the resident’s mental or physical health

Individuals who suspect their loved ones are victims of nursing home abuse should speak to a Hamilton County attorney who handles cases against nursing homes. An experienced attorney could help advise families how to protect their loved ones from future harm and what might be done to recover compensation for the injury the nursing home resident endured.

Potential Wrongdoers Involved in a Civil Claim

Identifying the proper person(s) or entities to bring suit against is a critical task that must take place early in every civil claim. This helps ensure that all those who played a role in the resident’s suffering harm are held responsible for the costs associated with the resident’s injuries.

In addition to the employee or person who caused the harm to a resident, supervisors at the nursing home, as well as the nursing home’s administrator and parent company, may all be joined as defendants in a lawsuit. Attorneys with experience in these types of suits are often the best suited to know who might be responsible in part for a resident’s abuse-related injuries and how that person or entity could be made to compensate victims.

Call or Reach Out to a Hamilton County Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

There is little time to waste if you believe your loved one suffered abuse as a resident at a nursing home charged with his or her care. Talk with a Hamilton County nursing home abuse lawyer as quickly as possible. Swift action may help prevent your loved one from suffering further abuse while also protecting his or her legal rights to compensation.