Hamilton County Car Accident Lawyer

Car wrecks could be the cause of significant injuries to drivers and passengers alike. Severe injuries like spinal and head trauma may leave you or your loved one with permanent disabilities, but even “minor” injuries like broken bones have the potential to affect your ability to work and provide for your loved one. When you or a loved one suffer minor or severe harm in a car wreck brought about by another’s carelessness, that other person should be held responsible for the damages he or she caused.

A Hamilton County car accident lawyer could help you hold negligent drivers accountable for the results of their actions. Depending on the specifics of your crash, you or your injured loved ones may be entitled to recover a financial award to help you address your crash-related expenses. Reach out to an attorney today.

Negligent Behaviors That Lead to Car Crashes

As much as we may not want to recognize it, drivers routinely engage in negligent actions. Some behaviors are reckless or even intentional. Operators of vehicles are regarded as careless when they:

  • Disregard traffic safety signs, laws, or accepted norms of driving
  • Consume impairing substances like liquor, alcoholic drinks, medications, or drugs before or while driving
  • Use a cellular phone to talk, text, or browse the Internet while trying to drive
  • Attempt to divide their attention between driving and some other activity like soothing a small child in the car or changing radio stations

Establishing that another motorist was negligent is an essential part of prevailing in a lawsuit. Few drivers, however, openly admit to others or law enforcement that they were engaged in some negligent action just before the crash. Plaintiffs and Hamilton car accident attorneys need to rely on witness statements, cellular phone records of the driver, and other evidence to help establish that the driver was doing something careless before the collision happened.

Other Elements of a Successful Lawsuit in Hamilton County

In addition to proving that the other driver involved in the crash did something negligent, the plaintiff must also demonstrate:

  • The defendant’s careless driving caused the car crash or was a significant reason why the crash happened
  • The plaintiff’s injuries and accompanying expenses are a direct result of the accident
  • The plaintiff’s injuries have a value that allows a cour to compensate the plaintiff with a sum of money

The plaintiff is responsible for proving each of these propositions to the judge or jury hearing the plaintiff’s case. The evidence and witness testimony used must convince the judge or jury that each of these essential propositions is more likely true than not. The factfinder then determines what amount of compensation the plaintiff should receive under the facts of the case.

Talk with a Hamilton County Car Accident Attorney About Your Case

Tennessee’s statute of limitations for lawsuits following car accidents only gives injured plaintiffs one year within which to file a claim for compensation. This one-year period begins to run the day the accident occurs. Once it has run out, it is nearly impossible for the plaintiff to file a claim subsequently.

Your or your loved one’s legal rights and need for compensation are too important to ignore or not take seriously. Talk today with a Hamilton County car accident lawyer if you have been hurt in a wreck and take action now to preserve your legal rights.