Dalton Workers’ Compensation Application Process

While workers’ compensation could be a relief for those who suffered on the job injuries, the steps to applying could become hurdles. If you were injured while performing your work duties, learn how you could go through the Dalton workers’ compensation application process to gain benefits. An accomplished attorney could champion your case and fight on your behalf.

Steps Involved in Filing a Worker’s Compensation Claim

Individuals could begin the workers’ compensation claim application process in Dalton by reporting the injuries to their employers. A formal claim or a notice of claim is filed with the state board, and there is a process to determine whether the claim is going to be accepted or denied. If the claim is denied, there is an appeal process. There is also a separate process for medical treatment for temporary disability and for permanent disability. A person typically has access to multiple processes with varying layers in a workers’ compensation case that he or she could apply through.

Benefits Covered by Worker’s Compensation

Workers’ compensation benefits typically include medical treatment, doctors’ visits, medicines, physical therapy, surgery, and all other types of medical treatment that a person may need. This could also include temporary disability benefits when a person is temporarily unable to work because he or she is in the recovery process. Partial disability is potentially available when a person is unable to do their full job or work their normal hours and is only able to do part of their work or work part-time.

This benefit could help people who are getting paid less than they may without the injury. There could be permanent benefits for people who have permanent injuries and who may lose part of their ability to earn a living in the future following the injury. A seasoned attorney could help individuals in Dalton begin the application process for workers compensation.

Role an Attorney Could Play in Helping a Person to Benefits

Experienced workers’ compensation attorneys play a vital role in the application process. An attorney could make sure the claim is filed properly and the employee receives the medical treatment and temporary benefits that the law requires. A lawyer could also work on negotiating a final settlement in the case.

Once the employee has finished treatment, the lawyer could be instrumental in understanding the amount for which that case should settle. If the case does not settle, the lawyer could get the case ready for trial and present the case to the workers’ compensation appeals board to get a fair payment for the employee’s permanent disability.

Let a Dalton Workers’ Compensation Attorney Help With Your Application

If you need expert guidance through the Dalton workers’ compensation application process, contact a dedicated personal injury lawyer. Insurance companies often become difficult to deal with over time, but with an experienced attorney by your side, you can focus on healing and trust that your case is in capable hands. A workers’ compensation lawyer could handle all negotiations on your behalf and fight for fair benefits. Call today to schedule a consultation.