Applying for Dalton Workers’ Compensation

While workers’ compensation could provide coverage for injured employees, a person typically needs to follow certain steps before qualifying. If you are interested in applying for Dalton workers’ compensation, consider speaking to an accomplished workers’ compensation attorney for help.

Requirements for Filing for Worker’s Compensation in Dalton

To file for workers’ compensation in Dalton, the person typically needs to give notice to their employer and to the State Department of Labor. They also need to start an entire claims process with their employer and the state.

There are numerous forms that have to be filled out at different times when applying for workers’ compensation in Dalton. The person has to notify their supervisor or a manager. It is not acceptable to simply notify a co-worker. They must give the exact date and time of their accident and ask for medical care. A form or a panel of physicians– typically needs to be given to them for them to choose one. Their employer must typically file the notice of injury with the state, with the Board of Workers’ Compensation, and with the State Department of Labor.

Information Needed to File a Claim

When applying for a workers’ compensation claim in Dalton, the person needs to have:

  • The exact date and time of their injury
  • Their medical information
  • Personal ID
  • Their employer’s information

Potential Challenges in Applying

The number of procedures and understanding exactly what has to be filed could make Workers’ Compensation claims difficult. It could also be challenging for people to understand what happens if their treatment or benefits are denied, and how to appeal those decisions.

Resources an Attorney May Have Access To

Lawyers could have a number of resources that a person may not have. Attorneys could file things with the state through an online system. Injured employees typically do not have access to that system. Lawyers could also research the law in different ways. They may also have a wealth of experience and training to understand how the law was applied and all of the specific exceptions and technicalities in the law. Injured laypeople may not have the training to navigate those technicalities successfully.

How a Dalton Worker’s Compensation Lawyers Could Help

When applying for Dalton workers’ compensation, lawyers could explain the process so the injured person is able to understand everything that happens. The lawyer may be able to ensure that the process is successfully navigated. If the employee is not getting the treatment they need, the attorney could advocate on behalf of the employee to help get them the treatment. If they are not getting paid, are getting paid much too little, or are not getting paid on time, the lawyer could advocate for the employee to get that fixed so that the employee does not have to do so by themselves. The lawyers typically understand the laws, the procedures, and the forms. Call an attorney today to for questions regarding your application process.