Medical Treatment in Dalton Workers’ Compensation Cases

Unfortunately, work-related injuries are too common in Dalton. If you suffered an injury at work, you should seek medical attention immediately. A seasoned lawyer understands the importance of medical treatment in Dalton workers’ compensation cases and could help you recover the benefits that you deserve. Reach out to our dedicated workers’ compensation attorneys today and set up a consultation.

Common Injuries Seen in Workers’ Comp Claims

There is almost an uncountable number of injuries that could lead to workers’ compensation claim in Dalton. The most common types of injuries are back, knee, and shoulder injuries. These types of injuries can lead to expensive medical bills and long-term rehabilitation. This could cause the injured individual to miss a significant amount of time at work as well. Other injuries that could occur at work include the loss of a limb, burn injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. These injuries are more serious, which makes it even more imperative to seek medical treatment in Dalton workers’ compensation cases.

Medical Treatment Options

Employers are typically required to provide injured employees with a choice of doctors. For instance, the injured individual may begin treatment with a general practitioner and proceed to a specialist before getting referred to another specialist. As one doctor refers the person to another doctor, his or her choice of doctors could shrink. If the individual is referred to a specialist or if there are a limited number of providers who offer the service that they need, he or she may be forced to go to a specific healthcare provider. Therefore, it is essential for injured workers to reach out to a lawyer when seeking medical treatment in a Dalton workers’ compensation case.

Role of Insurance Company

The insurance company could have significant influence over the medical treatment that a person may seek if he or she is injured at work. Workers usually do not get to choose the specific provider that an employee could pick. Therefore, he or she also may not get to dictate to that provider what types of treatment the employee is able to receive. The employees are entitled to communicate with the provider and could have some influence over the medical decision-making process while applying for workers’ compensation.

What to do if Medical Treatment is Insufficient?

There are times when an injured person may think his or her medical treatment has been insufficient for major joint injuries, which could include back or shoulder injuries. For instance, he or she may have been given treatment and were allowed to return to work but the individual could still feel the need for additional surgery, injections, or other treatment options. In this situation, the injured person could ask for a second opinion, appeal the treatment, and ask for a different medical provider to be assigned. The appeals process goes through the Board of Workers’ Compensation to rule on these matters. If you have any questions about seeking medical treatment in Dalton workers’ compensation claims, reach out to a seasoned and experienced lawyer today.