Dalton Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Workers’ compensation was put in place to take care of employees that have sustained injuries during the course and scope of their employment. It typically includes provision for providing medical treatment, payment for time off work, and payment for lost ability to earn a living in the future. Workers’ compensation benefits start with medical benefits. The employer is required to pay for all of the necessary treatment that an injured worker needs as a result of their injury. It also includes payment for the lost wages while the employee is recovering and permanent impairment benefits when the employee has lost the ability to earn a living in the future following their injury. If you are interested in learning more about workers’ compensation, a Dalton workers’ compensation lawyer. A skilled attorney could help you understand your legal options.

Worker’s Compensation Cases vs Other Personal Injury Lawsuits

Workers’ Compensation is different from general personal injury cases since it is a system that is created by statute and has its own specific set of rules and regulations. While most personal injury cases are governed by common law, case law, or tort law that has been developed over hundreds of years, workers’ compensation is a system specifically created by the legislature that changes a lot of rights and benefits that people would have under normal personal injury laws.

Dalton workers’ compensation is controlled by the Georgia workers’ compensation laws, which are statutory laws in the State of Georgia. It is also controlled by the federal workers’ compensation Act. While Dalton workers’ compensation is not unique to Georgia, Georgia workers’ compensation is unique in comparison to other states. Workers’ compensation in Dalton is regulated publicly. It is governed by state laws and state regulations that apply to those laws. These are all the same from employer to employer.

Common Conditions that May Qualify a Person for Worker’s Compensation

Conditions that may involve workers’ compensation in Dalton could include, back injuries, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, and other injuries to a major joint. Conditions from the inhalation of fumes, and conditions similar to severed limbs, severed fingers, severed arms, damage to the feet, and crushing injuries are less common. Typically, workers’ compensation injuries involve some form of bone or joint, or damage to ligaments or tendons.

The most frequent cause of workers’ compensation injuries is doing activities that require a lot of strenuous effort. This could include lifting heavy objects, swinging heavy objects, pushing carts, etc. Repetitive injuries may occur when a person has to do a motion over and over, or when they work on a machine that includes a lot of vibration or impacts to the body. Those conditions could cause bone injuries and joint injuries.

Worker’s Compensation for Federal Employees vs Private Sector Employees

Federal employees have a completely different workers’ compensation system. Federal employees are governed by workers’ compensation laws that come from Congress in the United States statutes while employees of private entities in the State of Georgia are governed by workers’ compensation laws from the State of Georgia and Georgia statutes. The benefits, the medical treatment, and the permanent injury benefits are all very different under Georgia workers’ compensation than they are under Federal Workers’ Compensation.

In Georgia, there is no serious privately funded workers’ compensation that has a different set of rules in public than when the employer buys workers’ compensation insurance from a public company. While a company could self-fund their worker’s compensation insurance, the rules for the employees typically remain the same.

How a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer Could Help a Plaintiff

An experienced and talented Dalton workers’ compensation lawyer may know the pitfalls of the choices that the injured employee has in front of them. Their attorney could help an injured person choose the correct doctor for their injuries, ask the right questions to medical staff and the employer’s insurance company, and clarify the law for injured people whose employer or opposing insurance company may be obfuscating matters. They may need a lawyer to do these things. The lawyer could also help with navigating the court system, filing the right documents, and making sure everything is done correctly and on time. They may be able to get the medical proof together to prove the extent of the injury. This could include doctors’ testimony and medical records.

It is typically not in the employer’s or their insurance company’s best interest to help the worker get the best treatment or the biggest recovery. Since the laws and regulations are complicated and the worker’s health and future income could be at risk, they may need an experienced Dalton workers’ compensation attorney who knows the local laws and court systems to help guide them through the process.