Understanding Dalton Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If you need help understanding Dalton workers’ compensation benefits, consult with an experienced attorney. A knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer could explain your rights and fight to protect them. They could be your advocate in negotiations with insurance companies while they pursue fair benefits on your behalf.

Eligible Conditions

A person is only entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if he or she can show that the injury is related to work. If a person is at work and has a heart attack, it must be determined whether the work conditions caused the heart attack or the heart attack would have happened anyway. If the person is able to prove that the heart attack would not have happened except for the strain caused by work, then it could be compensable and he or she may be entitled to benefits.

If he or she is unable to prove this point, then the person may likely not be entitled to benefits. Individuals typically need to prove that the injury or the condition was caused by the work conditions or the work responsibilities.

Current and Future Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Workers’ compensation could provide current benefits and future benefits. Workers’ compensation addresses current needs in that it provides the treatment that a person needs right now. It could provide money and temporary disability benefits as the person recovers from his or her injury.

It may also provide for future needs, so that if a person has a permanent injury that is never going to fully go away, he or she could receive future medical benefits and offset the loss of earning capacity that the person may have forever. There may be medicines, braces or even treatment in the future that the person might need on an ongoing basis which workers’ compensation provides payment for.

It may also provide permanent disability benefits when a person has a permanent injury that limits his or her ability to earn a living in the future. Workers’ compensation allows a person to get money to cope with life after the disability. Our Dalton workers’ compensation attorneys could help individuals understand how benefits affect their needs at various points in their lives.

Receiving Workers’ Comp and Unemployment Benefits at the Same Time

There are very rare situations in which a person could receive workers’ compensation and unemployment benefits. If a person is receiving medical treatment and partial disability benefits under workers’ compensation and is laid off from that position for reasons urelated to the workers’ compensation case, he or she may also be able to receive unemployment benefits. If a person is not able to work because of the work injury, he or she could apply for and receive workers’ compensation benefits while not being entitled to unemployment benefits. Our Dalton attorneys could help workers understand whether they are qualified for workers’ compensation or unemployment benefits.

Workers’ Compensation Payment Rate

Workers’ compensation disability benefits could replace a person’s wages when they are unable to work or when they have a permanent injury that will decrease their ability to earn wages in the future. The amount of disability benefits under Workers’ Compensation is typically determined by the amount of money the person earns. The more money they earn, the higher their Workers’ Compensation disability benefits could be.

Consult an Experienced Dalton Attorney

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