Ringgold Wage and Hour Lawyer

Federal labor laws mandate that you must be paid for every hour that you work, and you must be paid at least the minimum wage in effect at the time you did the work. Overtime rules also apply for hours worked in excess of 40 in a given week.

While Georgia does not have specific laws concerning the enforcement of these rules, workers have the option to file lawsuits in a U.S. District Court demanding the payment of all wages that he or she can prove he or she earned. A Ringgold wage and hour lawyer could examine the actions taken by a person’s employer, determine if wage theft has occurred, and pursue lawsuits in U.S. District Courts. Contact one of our experienced attorneys today to get started on your case.

Ringgold Labor Laws

The protections concerning the payment of wages in Georgia are provided by United States law. This is because the Fair Labor Standards Act establishes a baseline of protections for all workers in the United States. This act is in place to prevent employers from misclassifying employees.

While states may take steps to increase the protections given by federal law, they cannot lessen them. Georgia has passed no law expanding upon the minimum wage protections and overtime rules. As a result, the federal minimums apply.

FLSA Regulations

Federal law states that employers must pay hourly workers at a rate of no less than $7.25 per hour. However, this does not apply to executive workers on salary or certain other employees. For covered workers, all hours over 40 worked in a week are considered overtime, which employers must normally compensate at a rate of one and half times the employee’s normal hourly rate.

The enforcement of these laws is the responsibility of the United States Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division. This agency has the power to investigate all claims of wage theft committed by employers in the United States. The state of Georgia has no agency to investigate allegations of wage violations.

Pursing Remedies for FLSA Violations

A powerful first step to collect illegally withheld wages is to file a complaint with the Department of Labor. The Department’s Wage and Hour Division can investigate such an allegation by interviewing witnesses, collecting data, and subpoenaing documents. They also have the authority to file lawsuits in United States District Courts to demand enforcement on behalf of workers. The WHD can seek to obtain back pay for all missed wages, may order payments to the affected employee as a means to punish the employer, and may even pursue criminal charges against the workplace.

A worker also has the right to file a lawsuit in U.S. District Court on his or her own. However, this will override any lawsuit filed on behalf of the worker by the Department of Labor. A Ringgold wage and hour lawyer could help people make the important decision of whether to file a complaint with the Department of Labor or to pursue a lawsuit on his or her own.

Ringgold Wage and Hour Attorney Can Help

All employees have the right to work with dignity and fairness. This includes being paid for every hour that he or she works for at least the minimum wage. All workplaces in Georgia are required by law to follow these rules, and when workers are cheated out of wages, he or she has the right to sue.

Many cases can be resolved by filing a complaint with the Department of Labor, but in some cases you may be better served by filing a lawsuit without federal representation. A Ringgold wage and hour attorney could help you file a complaint with the Department of Labor or represent your interests in court, whichever your circumstances may demand. To schedule a consultation and start discussing your case, call one of our lawyers today.