Ringgold Dog Bite Lawyer

Many people are affected by dog bites every year in the United States. In some cases, the bites can be mild, but there are those that may result in substantial damage. A more severe case could force the person who was bitten to miss time from work, deal with an assortment of medical bills, and even face psychological trauma stemming from the incident.

Dog owners typically have a legal responsibility to ensure that his or her pets refrain from injuring people or damaging property. Dogs often are born with different temperaments and may become agitated in different situations. An owner who is negligent and fails to pay attention to his or her dog’s disposition may endanger themselves or people in the surrounding environment.

A person who has experienced a dog bit may strongly benefit from the counsel of a skilled personal injury attorney. Dog bite accidents often become complex, and owners may attempt to spread blame for his or her dog’s behavior. A Ringgold dog bite lawyer could help establish liability and hold the owner accountable. Legally confronting a dog owner about his or her pet’s danger behavior may reduce someone’s chance in experiencing another bite, especially if they live in close proximity.

Seeking Compensation in Ringgold

Dog bites can cause extensive damage and a person may incur costly medical bills that are financially straining. Additionally, an injured individual may suffer from loss of wages or earnings potential. However, filing for compensation with the help of a Ringgold dog bite lawyer could potentially help alleviate financial pressure after a dog bite.

Typically, a dog bite case in Georgia has a statute of limitations of two years. Cases filed following the two-year mark are generally disregarded by the court. This means that swift legal action directly after a dog bite incident generally improves a person’s chance at filing a successful claim in court.

Determining Accountability in a Dog Bite Case

After a person has been bitten by a dog, establishing who is liable for the incident is usually a priority. Georgia statute §52-2-7 describes that an owner who keeps an animal without any restraints that are vicious or dangerous could be held liable for damages when a person who did not provoke the animal is injured.

When a person works to show the negligence of a dog owner, they commonly are asked to prove the following:

  • The victim did not provoke the animal in any way
  • The owner was negligent and careless with the animal
  • The animal was dangerous

Demonstrating how a dog owner was negligent is generally a large part of building a credible case. Meaning, a person who was bitten would typically need to showcase that the animal’s owner acted without reasonable care and failed to restrain the animal. They also will usually be required to show how the lack of restraint failed to protect others and caused the injury.

A dog that was not properly restrained and attacked a passerby without warning, someone could assert in court that the dog was vicious, and therefore a danger to the surrounding environment. A seasoned attorney could help with proving negligence in a dog bite case.

Call a Ringgold Dog Bite Attorney for Help

Dog bites can be both terrifying and dangerous. The severity of injuries can quickly escalate and become life-threatening. Children and elderly persons typically have a higher risk for experiencing a dog bite and may be more vulnerable to fatal injuries.

If you have been injured after being attacked by a dog, schedule an appointment with a Ringgold dog bite lawyer. Knowing how to navigate court proceedings is usually complex. Our attorneys could help simplify the process and possibly explain the details of your case. An experienced Ringgold dog bite attorney could help you collect compensation for pain and suffering, medical care, and loss of income.