Ringgold Premises Liability Lawyer

Property owners are usually required to maintain their properties to establish a level of safety for visitors. If they fail to keep the environment safe, these owners may risk the welfare of any potential visitors. Injuries on hazardous or unsafe property can happen under many different circumstances, and any resulting injuries may serve as grounds for a premises liability claim.

If you become injured while on another person’s property, you may significantly benefit from the counsel of a compassionate personal injury attorney. Determining liability can be complex since multiple parties could be involved, but a Ringgold premises liability lawyer could help examine the facts surrounding your incident identify effective legal options for your case. Speak with a skilled attorney today and know that you are in good hands.

Classification Types for Premises Liability Cases in Ringgold

According to Official Code of Georgia §51-3-1, when a property owner in Ringgold has guests visit their property, he or she may be considered liable for any harm to their guests that results from a hazardous condition they reasonably should have known about. Different circumstances often contribute to injuries that a person could sustain on another’s property, though, so classifying what can be considered a premises liability case can be difficult.

Georgia law requires that property owners exercise reasonable care to ensure that their property is safe for any “invitee”. However, this statutory obligation often only extends to invitees. A lesser duty is owed to an individual whose classification is that of a “licensee” or “trespasser.” For the purposes of a liability claim, the legal definition of an invitee is anyone who lawfully enters the premises at the express invitation of the property owner.

The property owner’s duty of reasonable care may also include all aspects of the premises and is not limited to the construction of the building. In fact, Georgia courts have repeatedly held that the duty to make a building safe may also include providing adequate safety and fire protection. In certain circumstances, invitees may hold the owner liable when he or she experiences a criminal act due to inadequate safety.

How Negligence Can Affect Premises Liability Cases in Ringgold

Occupiers of land are required to maintain appropriate safety standards to prevent injuries from taking place. A practiced premises liability lawyer in Ringgold could work with a potential client to determine if there was any negligence that could have produced the unsafe environment that injured them.

There are numerous ways to show that a property owner should be held liable for a hazard. It could be proven that the owner had actual knowledge of the unsafe condition and did nothing about it, Alternatively, the owner could have had constructive knowledge about the hazard—meaning they reasonably should have known about it—and failed to address the problem.

Factors That Must be Met for Premises Liability Law to Apply

There are numerous factors that must be met for Georgia’s premises liability law to apply:

  • The defendant must be the property’s owner or occupier
  • The plaintiff must be an implied invitee there for a lawful purpose
  • The accident must have occurred due to the defendant’s failure to exercise ordinary care for the property

Hiring a Ringgold premises liability lawyer can be beneficial to a person’s legal case. An attorney could review the incident, compare the situation with Ringgold’s formal laws and regulations, and help determine which party is at fault.

Getting in Touch with a Ringgold Premises Liability Attorney

Any sort of injury can lead to physical discomfort, emotional distress, high medical bills, and lost wages from not being fit to work. Figuring out how to fight for compensation can be time-consuming, stressful, and confusing for the average person.

Contact a compassionate Ringgold premises liability lawyer for a free consultation about your case. An experienced member of our legal team could give you the attention and assistance necessary to efficiently handle legal matters following an injury that occurred on someone else’s poorly maintained property.