Ringgold Bicycle Accident Lawyer

In Ringgold, bicyclists are typically allowed to share the road with vehicles. However, he or she is expected to comply with Georgia’s traffic laws while on the streets. While bikes offer an economical, healthy, and convenient form of transportation, they often leave bicyclists vulnerable to incurring severe injuries when careless motorists operate around them.

The laws and regulations surrounding the bicycle community typically can only protect riders when all parties on the roadway comply. Many instances happen where a rider follows the rules, but a motorist ignores them. This commonly results in dangerous injuries for the bicyclist.

Someone who has experienced a bicycle accident may greatly benefit from consulting a seasoned personal injury lawyer. Often the injuries which are sustained in a biking accident range from mild bruising to fractured bones, and quickly become a costly medical expense, along with lost wages and property damage. In some severe cases, bicyclists have received fatal injuries when colliding with a vehicle. In such an incident, his or her family may be eligible for compensation through a wrongful death suit. A Ringgold bicycle accident lawyer could help determine liability and help hold responsible parties accountable.

Common Types of Bicycle Accident

In Ringgold, a bicycle is usually considered a vehicle that must adhere to local traffic laws. Often a bicyclist faces drivers of larger vehicles such as cars on the roadway who fail to follow traffic regulation. Riders have extremely limited protection and often receive most of the injuries during a collision with a car or a truck.

Intersections are travel points that offer a bicyclist higher risk of a collision. Maximizing visibility and keeping an eye for negligent drivers may help reduce the chance of an accident. However, a driver who carelessly crosses an intersection poses a significant danger to a bicyclist.

Documenting Cases in Ringgold

After a bicycle accident, there are several steps a person may want to consider taking. Seeking medical attention immediately afterward typically helps uncover any severe injuries and may reduce recovery time. Additionally, a doctor could document the injuries and provide notes which may increase the credibility of a claim in court. Compensation often can help relieve any financial pressure from a cyclist who suffered severe injuries.

The preservation of evidence plays an important role in any lawsuit. In terms of bicycle accidents, a person may want to document different aspects of the accident such as:

• Find witnesses
• What happened before the collision
• How the accident happened
• When the accident occurred
• What the weather conditions were at the time

A skilled Ringgold bicycle accident lawyer could help with collecting evidence.

Contact a Ringgold Bicycle Accident Attorney

An injured cyclist may attempt to handle claims and negotiate with insurance companies alone before considering adding legal counsel. He or she may believe that everything will be resolved swiftly and effortlessly, however, this is typically not what happens. Many insurance companies seek to settle claims for the smallest amount of money possible. Frequently, the small settlement leaves an injured cyclist with outstanding medical bills and property damages.

Schedule an appointment with a dedicated Ringgold bicycle accident lawyer to discuss your case facts and different legal options. Understanding the court system in Ringgold can quickly become confusing and frustrating. Our experienced team of attorneys could help find potential legal solutions that may benefit your case.