Dalton Car Accident Lawyer

While the costs of the injuries suffered in an accident can be considerable, know that if you are in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, you may be able to recover your damages. A professional Dalton car accident lawyer may be able to help guide you through the process. There are multiple damages you may be able to recover, including health care costs, property repair, and replacement costs. Read on to learn more about how a skilled injury attorney could offer you their assistance today.

Determining Fault in a Dalton Car Accident

Even when insurance covers the costs to some extent, there can still be problems. Policyholders trying to recover money from an insurance company for the first time often find that the offer is lower than expected. Tennessee is a fault state for car accidents, meaning that the driver who caused the accident must pay for resulting damages.

When it is ultimately up to a judge or jury to determine fault, they will consider all the available evidence. This can include the testimony of witnesses, police reports, admissions of guilt, evidence that one driver violated traffic laws, or evidence of careless driving, such as texting while driving. Dalton requires that drivers have auto insurance. Frequently, an insurance adjuster is the first individual to determine fault in a car accident. If the plaintiff files a lawsuit over the accident that goes to trial, a judge or jury will decide what happened. A dedicated Dalton car accident lawyer can be a valuable asset in these instances by acting as an advocate for one’s story.

Common Injuries

Car accidents can cause very significant injuries, both physical and psychological. Even a fender bender can lead to significant damages, some of which become evident only after some time has passed. A determined Dalton car accident lawyer could explain the situation, including what claims an individual could make and the possible liability of other parties. An experienced injury attorney could also begin the process of gathering evidence about the accident.

Building a Case

After an accident, it can be significant to gather names, addresses, and other information from the bystanders who might be testifying about the accident. Not just the other driver and passengers, but also any witnesses to the incident. Witness testimony can be the most important part of an automobile accident claim. However, it can be difficult to find witnesses after the accident who remember the incident clearly. Factual details such as what the weather conditions were like on the day of the accident and whether there were other motorists or pedestrians who played a role could also potentially help persuade a jury. A comprehensive physical examination from a physician is very important, as it can be the best evidence linking injuries to an accident. Sometimes substantial injuries are not immediately visible as they could include internal damage.

Let a Dalton Car Accident Lawyer Help

While dealing with a car accident can be overwhelming, know that a skilled Dalton car accident lawyer could listen to the facts of your situation and tell you in simple language what your choices are. Do not wait another day before seeking their advice. Reach out to a qualified Dalton car accident lawyer today for your initial consultation.