Dalton Premises Liability Lawyer

As a guest to a residence, restaurant, shopping warehouse, or grocery store a person may reasonably expect not to encounter a defective or hazardous condition while walking, eating, or shopping on the property. When a property owner fails to maintain conditions within his or her property, you may incur significant injuries.

Meeting with a skilled personal injury lawyer who is familiar with personal injury cases could be advantageous. Hazardous conditions can quickly cause an injury and expensive medical bills. A Dalton premises liability lawyer could examine the facts surrounding an accident and help determine accountability.

Asserting a Negligence Claim in Dalton

Many injuries that stem from a premises liability case are caused by a negligent party. In most cases, a person must typically address the following points for a successful claim:

  • Identify that a duty of care existed with the property owner
  • Demonstrate that the property owner’s actions or inactions breached that duty
  • Actions or inaction of property owner resulted in exact and proximate injuries or damages

Typically, a duty exists between a premises owner and guests who are welcomed into or on the property. Regardless of how a person is extended the invitation to enter the property, once an injury occurs a premises liability case could be incurred.

Before allowing invitees onto their property, premises owners generally have a duty to use an ordinary standard of care to maintain the premises. In many cases, this could include taking precautions to protect a person from a hazardous condition that may exist or to forewarn him or her of a known danger.

According to Georgia statute §51-3-1, if the premises owner fails to exercise this ordinary standard of care, they may be liable for damages that result from any kind of injury sustained. A practicing Dalton premises liability lawyer can provide counsel on the specific duties owed to an invitee and what actions of the property owner constitute a deviation from the standard of care.

Exceptions to Premises Liability Claims

There are a few exceptions to a potential claim for premises liability. Of those exceptions, one extends to trespassers and another extends to those who enter another’s premises for the purposes of hunting or fishing.

Typically, a premises owner does not have a duty to protect trespassers from any danger which may exist on his or her property. Unless the premises owner willfully caused injury to the trespasser, he or she are usually not held liable.

Similarly, when someone pays admission to enter another’s premises for the purposes of hunting or fishing, the landowner is usually not held accountable for any injuries the person may suffer. However, this may change if the premises owner willfully causes injury to the guest.

Contributory Negligence

Establishing liability can be complicated, as there are usually many different circumstances that may influence an accident. In some cases, a guest may have contributed to their own injury when on someone else’s property. While this may impact the amount of damages available, it typically does not exclude a person from potentially receiving compensation in Dalton.

Speaking with a Dalton Premises Liability Attorney

When a person enters someone else’s property with their permission and invitation, they generally can have a standard expectation of safety. Shopping, sight-seeing, or eating in a restaurant should typically not result in an injury. This means that many of these injuries are unforeseen and may require significant medical attention. Compensation could help relieve financial stress when an accident occurs.

Consult a Dalton premises liability lawyer to learn about different legal options that could help resolve financial issues from an injury on another person’s property. The court system in Dalton can be complicated and often requires the knowledge of an experienced attorney, so call today to get started on your claim.