Dalton Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Sexual abuse is a topic that influences many lives. Someone’s life can be significantly and negatively impacted when he or she has been sexually abused. In many cases, a person could struggle to move forward from such a traumatic experience.

A person who has suffered from sexual abuse may want to consider scheduling a meeting with a seasoned attorney. Compensation could help finance therapy or any other needs which may result from a sexual abuse incident. A Dalton sexual abuse lawyer could help explain a person’s right to file a lawsuit, the timeframe for filing a lawsuit and potential compensation options.

Filing a Sexual Abuse Claim in Dalton

Someone who has experienced sexual abuse in Dalton may have the right to file a claim in the court of law. Sexually abusing another individual is generally regarded as a violation of a citizen’s right to be free from unwanted advances and touching.

Under certain circumstances, a sexual abuse case may be filed as a violation of tort law. According to Georgia statute §51-1-1, a tort is considered as any unlawful violation of a private legal right. Torts are permitted by law in Georgia, however, a Dalton sexual abuse lawyer familiar with claims for sexual abuse should be consulted with before any paperwork for such a claim is submitted to the court.

Statute of Limitation for Civil Action

The deadline to file a civil action for torts under Georgia statute, § 9-3-33 is typically two years from the date of the incident. It is important to note that this is the deadline to file a lawsuit in court. This statute usually does not include the filing date of any letter to the accused.

In most cases, providing the accused with any type of notice does not satisfy the requirements of filing a tort claim under Georgia law. In Dalton, failure to file a claim for sexual abuse in the appropriate court could negatively impact a person’s case. It may potentially result in the case being time-barred and prohibited from proceeding.

Recovering Damages

Compensatory damages are generally permitted in tort claims filed in Georgia. Due to the nature of a sexual abuse claim, additional damages may be recoverable. In many sexual abuse cases, a person’s peace, happiness, or feeling can be injured according to Georgia statute §51-12-6. This may qualify someone for more compensation than the original claim.

Additionally, the law often permits a jury to award additional damages to someone when they believe it may reduce a repeat offense. This may lead to a stiffer financial penalty and increase the amount of compensation. A compassionate personal injury lawyer could help a sexual abuse victim recover damages.

Speak to a Dalton Sexual Abuse Attorney Today

When a person makes the decision to pursue a sexual abuse claim in Dalton, a personal injury attorney could help determine potential legal options. Understanding the different legal paths available may improve a person’s chance of succeeding in court. Additionally, legal proceedings are usually complicated and may frustrate someone who is unfamiliar with the process.

Coming forward about a sexual abuse experience is often traumatic and a dedicated attorney could be beneficial. Our attorneys could examine the case and help determine the best course of action. Consult with a Dalton sexual abuse lawyer to learn more about different ways of succeeding in your case.