Dalton Slip and Fall Lawyer

Although minor accidents happen to many people, most of these accidents, fortunately, do not result in injuries. However, sometimes slip and fall accidents do result in serious bodily injury, particularly to the hands, arms, or legs.

If you are injured in a slip and fall on someone else’s private or public property, a Dalton slip and fall lawyer could assist you with pursuing compensation from the party or parties responsible for your accident. After sitting down with you and reviewing the circumstances surrounding your accident, one of our experienced attorneys could suggest a good course of action for you to take next.

Types of Slip and Fall Injuries and Possible Compensation

Slip and fall incidents may occur due to a variety of factors and circumstances, including:

  • Uneven surfaces, such as floors or walls
  • Wet or slippery areas
  • Inadequate lighting for dimly-lit areas
  • Faulty or broken structures, such as stairs

Slip and fall accidents could result in both economic damages and non-economic damages. Economic damages may include property damage and medical costs due to bodily injury. By contrast, non-economic damages refer to compensation for pain and suffering and other such qualitative losses.

In Georgia, there is no cap for non-economic damages. Additionally, under the same statute, legal claims based on property damage cannot include non-economic damages. However, exceptions to these statutes may apply to your case. A Dalton slip and fall attorney could provide more information to anyone with questions about the types of damages that could result from a slip and fall accident.

Cleveland Laws Relating to Slip and Fall Incidents

In Georgia, there is a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury claims. Which is why it is crucial to contact an accomplished lawyer as soon as possible after an injury. One common legal theory that arises in lawsuits relating to slip and fall incidents is negligence. A plaintiff asserting negligence must generally prove that the defendant exposed the plaintiff to unreasonable risks, which then directly resulted in the plaintiff’s injury. For example, an individual may claim that a slip and fall injury resulted from the defendant’s failure to adequately repair an uneven floor that he or she should have repaired.

Comparative Fault in Dalton

Additionally, Georgia utilizes a system of comparative fault relating to negligence claims, which means a plaintiff who behaves negligently may have his or her compensation reduced proportionally. Under this system, a plaintiff who is found to be 20 percent responsible for his or her slip and fall accident would experience a 20 percent reduction in their total recovery. However, if the plaintiff is found to be at least 50 percent responsible, he or she cannot recover any damages at all.

Dalton Slip and Fall Attorney Could Help

No matter the cause, slip and fall incidents can be deceptively dangerous and damaging. If you sustain any kind of damage in such an incident to either yourself or your property, a Dalton slip and fall lawyer may be able to help you.

Our experienced slip and fall attorneys are familiar with different kinds of slip and fall accidents and may be able to provide you with the legal assistance you need. Your lawyer could also help you file a legal claim and work to ensure you have the best possible chance to receive compensation.

Every case is different, but a local slip and fall lawyer could give you the kind of individualized service you deserve. Call today to schedule an initial conversation about your case.