Tennessee Sees Seat Belt Use Increase

Posted On: September 22, 2016 under

An observational survey study by the University of Tennessee Knoxville’s Center for Transportation Research (CTR) has found that in 2016, the number of drivers and front-seat passengers wearing safety belts jumped to almost 89 percent. Per the study, the statewide average comes to 88.95 percent of people in the front seat wearing seat belts, an increase from the 2015 average of 86.23 percent. Studies show that Tennessee sees seat belt use increase, making the roads safer for everyone.

The CTR’s study had researchers collecting data at 190 locations in Tennessee by observing over 27,000 drivers and front-seat passengers for a couple of weeks in mid-June. They watched the behavior of people in private vehicles only, so other types of transportation like emergency vehicles and commercial trucks were not included. The full results of the study will be available sometime this fall.

The increase in seatbelt use is a good sign, indicating that the public is taking the proper precautions to protect themselves and their friends and families while driving. This results in safer roads for everyone.

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