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Choosing a Nursing Home for Your Loved One

Posted On: March 15, 2017 under
elderly abuse
The decision to move your loved one into a nursing home is one of the most difficult you will ever make. Even if you know it’s the best way to keep your loved one safe and well cared for, it can be mentally, emotionally, and financially taxing.. Read More »

The Insidious Problem of Elder Abuse by Nursing Home Caregivers

Posted On: February 24, 2017 under
choosing a nursing home for your loved one
The elderly are often a vulnerable population. Whether due to illness or the frailty of aging, they are more susceptible to mistreatment and abuse than younger adults. For this reason, they are expected to have special protection when they move into nursing homes or residential care facilities... Read More »

Mandatory Arbitration Clauses to Remain for Now

Posted On: December 6, 2016 under
A Mississippi federal judge recently ruled that the prohibition of arbitration clauses in nursing home agreements, put into law in September of this year, cannot be enforced. Due to go into effect in stages starting on November 28, a major part of the new law would have.. Read More »

Arbitration Clauses at Nursing Homes Face a New Ban

Posted On: October 13, 2016 under
Retirement Home Neglect
In the biggest change to nursing home regulations in 25 years, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has just banned binding pre-dispute arbitration agreements from nursing home contracts. In addition to banning these arbitration clauses, they have also passed rules requiring homes to serve a range.. Read More »

Court Sides with Family After Mother’s Nursing Home Death

Posted On: September 15, 2016 under
nursing home negligence
Allenbrooke Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center in Memphis has just been ordered by a jury to pay over $30 million in damages to the family of an 82-year-old woman who died in their care in 2009. Martha Jane Pierce’s family placed her in Allenbrooke because she had.. Read More »

Social Media Abuse of Nursing Home Residents Under Federal Scrutiny

Posted On: August 25, 2016 under
Nursing Home Under Investigation for Elderly Abuse
Social media apps like Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about cases of nursing home abuse, but these platforms are increasingly becoming a part of inappropriate and even criminal behavior committed against the elderly. Now, federal.. Read More »

Nursing Home Abuse Unnoticed Perpetrators

Posted On: July 12, 2016 under
A new study has found that around 20 percent of nursing home residents are abused by an often unnoticed perpetrator: other residents. The incidents of nursing home abuse that are brought to light and discussed by the public are often cases of staff or health care professionals..
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Nursing Home Neglect: Malnutrition

Posted On: June 23, 2016 under
Malnutrition can be the source of multiple health problems throughout a person’s life, but the worst issues arise when that person is most vulnerable due to age. The elderly, like the very young, have specific amounts of vitamins and minerals that they must consume in certain quantities..
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Tennessee Recognizes World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Posted On: June 21, 2016 under
June 15 was World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, a date that has been recognized by the state of Tennessee since 2015. Designated by the United Nations General Assembly in one of its resolutions, it is intended as a day during which people throughout the world stand up..
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Nursing Home Abuse: What Can You Do?

Posted On: April 28, 2016 under
choosing a nursing home for your loved one
According to the Centers for Disease Control, in 2014 the United States had 15,600 nursing homes with 1.4 million residents. This number is expected to increase as baby boomers continue to age and need assistance that family members oftentimes cannot provide. Because of this, it is imperative.. Read More »