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Posted On: November 17, 2016 under
dangerous driving includes distracted driving
In late October, a six-year-old Tennessee boy named John Paul Taylor was getting off his school bus when he was hit by a car. Although the bus was stopped, as were all of the other cars around it as the boy moved to cross the street, one.. Read More »
Posted On: October 27, 2016 under
According to data recently released by the Tennessee Highway Patrol, drugged driving is now a bigger cause of deaths on the state’s roads than drunk and distracted driving. In just one recent example, in 2015 a semi truck near Chattanooga slammed into the back of a Toyota.. Read More »
Posted On: October 25, 2016 under
In a recent story on WDEF’s website, Logan Patterson and Edith Chavarria-Hernandez, are each facing charges in Whitfield County for allegedly failing to stop for school buses that were dropping of children. The two drivers were reported to law enforcement by witnesses who recorded the license plates.. Read More »
Posted On: September 22, 2016 under
Tennessee Sees Seatbelt Use Increase
An observational survey study by the University of Tennessee Knoxville’s Center for Transportation Research (CTR) has found that in 2016, the number of drivers and front-seat passengers wearing safety belts jumped to almost 89 percent. Per the study, the statewide average comes to 88.95 percent of people.. Read More »
Posted On: July 19, 2016 under
car crashes increase
According to preliminary estimates by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 2015 saw an increase of roughly 7.7 percent in traffic accident deaths over 2014. The agency’s data states that 35,200 drivers, passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians died in some sort of vehicle accident in 2015. What’s.. Read More »
Posted On: January 28, 2016 under
distracted driving dangers for hands free driving
In a list of improvements that they want to see in the coming year, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has included a complete ban on hands-free cell phone devices while driving. According to Christopher Hart, the chairman of the NTSB, “Current laws that ban handheld, but.. Read More »
Posted On: November 9, 2015 under
presented by: Gary Massey Shelby County, TN, was recently the lucky recipient of almost $1 million from the Tennessee Governor’s Highway Safety Office to fund its work against drunk driving. The money is earmarked in part for covering the costs of prosecuting DUI offenders, including the overtime..
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Posted On: November 5, 2015 under
Hawkins County, TN, has the dubious distinction of being an area of the state in which fatal car accidents have increased recently. It’s due to a factor that’s deceptively difficult to combat: lack of seatbelt use. The fateful decision not to buckle up has cost many people..
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Posted On: November 1, 2015 under
It has happened to all of us at some point: as we’re driving, something pulls our attention away from where it should be and we end up focused on something other than the road. Most of the time we refocus before any harm is done because we..
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Posted On: October 20, 2015 under
presented by: Gary Massey According to numbers gathered by the U.S. Department of Transportation, in 2013 there were approximately 424,000 people hurt in crashes caused by distracted driving. Per the website (the U.S. government website devoted to fighting the distracted driving epidemic), there were also 3,154..
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