“Slowpoke Bill” May Become Law in Tennessee

Posted On: March 29, 2016 under

In a measure that has already passed in Tennessee’s state House, Representative Dan Howell’s House Bill 1416 looks to be on its way to becoming law. The bill makes it a Class C misdemeanor to drive your vehicle in the passing lane on a multilane or interstate highway unless you are overtaking or passing another vehicle that is in the no-pass lane. (Multilane here is defined as any divided highway with three or more lanes in each direction.) The bill does have built-in, commonsense exceptions, such as for authorized emergency vehicles and in cases where highway exits are on the left, among others. It has mostly met with a positive response and is now moving through the state Senate, where it is sponsored by Senator Frank Niceley.

Howell’s bill is nicknamed the “Slowpoke Bill” in reference to the people who weave around slower drivers when on the highways, increasing aggressive driving and the risk of accidents. He says, “The law…simply says drivers cannot impede the normal flow of traffic in the far left lane. That lane is designated as a passing lane.” In 29 other states, such as Georgia, similar laws are already in place and seem to have helped to cut down on dangerous driving. Tennessee is hoping for a similar outcome.

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