Nurse Practitioners Doing Mohs Surgery in Violation of Medicare

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Medicare fraud is a widespread problem and some of it may even involve patients with skin cancer, as some patients who underwent Mohs surgery were operated on by nurse practitioners in violation of Medicare and insurance guidelines.

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Why Are Nurse Practitioners Doing Mohs Surgery?

Mohs surgery is a complex procedure, which means it is expensive and health care providers may get significant reimbursement from Medicare or other insurance providers. There is an incentive to do treatments that are complicated and require more skill because doctors’ offices are likely to make more money.

This incentive may even be contributing to nurse practitioners recommending and conducting Mohs surgery. In recent years, there has been an uptick in Mohs surgeries done by medical professionals who have not been trained in these procedures.

Health care providers should be focused on making the best decisions for their patients. That means weighing the pros and cons of different treatments and making sure medical procedures are performed by those who are properly trained. Treatment should also be done in accordance with accepted medical standards.

When patients are treated by those who are not properly qualified, there may be a higher risk of injury, disfigurement, or other negative outcomes.

Unfortunately, patients may go along with having a nurse practitioner do the surgery because a cancer diagnosis is scary. People may just want to get the procedure over with.

What Does Medicare Say About Mohs Surgery?

Many types of skin surgery are not covered by Medicare because they are considered cosmetic. However, Mohs surgery is covered by Medicare Part B because it is meant to treat and prevent skin cancer.

Medicare should cover the procedure if it is ordered by a doctor or specialist and is considered medically necessary to improve health or preserve the patient’s life. Preparation and interpretation of the slides that are viewed under a microscope must be done by the Mohs surgeon, otherwise Medicare will not cover the procedure.

Why Mohs Procedures Are Complicated

Mohs surgery is a common treatment for skin cancer – doctors can remove skin with cancer while patients can keep as much healthy skin as possible.

For the most part, doctors who do this complex, time-consuming procedure have extensive training. Not only are doctors performing surgery, but they also look at the layers of skin under a microscope as they remove them from the patient. Doctors stop removing layers of skin when they get to a layer without cancer cells.

Preventing Skin Cancer

Even though Mohs surgery may successfully remove skin cancer, patients and those who have never had skin cancer should take steps to protect themselves from the sun. If you ever need to be out in the sun for a long period of time, make sure to use sunblock or put on protective clothing.

It is also important to be examined by a dermatologist, particularly if you have moles or are more susceptible to skin cancer.

You may think protecting yourself from ultraviolet rays is only important during the summertime or when the sun it out. However, you can get sunburned even when it is overcast. No matter how hot it is, if the sun is out, you could get burned and put yourself at risk for skin cancer.

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