Making A Difference

Posted On: September 22, 2014 under

We recently filed two lawsuits against Hamilton County schools because of children being severely affected by bullying. One middle school student on Signal Mountain suffered severe head injuries when attacked by another student. Another student was taunted and obscenely touched by a group of students over a period of months to the point that he had a mental breakdown and became practically unable to perform any school work. In both cases, the administration tried to sweep everything under the rug and offered no meaningful solutions to the affected families.

Danny was also featured in a TV news story about a funeral home denying payment after selling burial insurance. When people are being taken advantage of, you will find our lawyers fighting against crooks and con-artists.

Sought After Expertise

Gary was interviewed by Channel 12 News for a story about whistle blowers in connection to the scandal about EPB overcharging the City of Chattanooga for street light electricity. Whistle blower lawsuits allow a person who learns of overbilling or other financial fraud against the government to bring a lawsuit to recover the money for the government. The whistle blower is allowed to share in a percentage of the recovery as an incentive to help prevent fraud against the taxpayers.

Training Other Lawyers

Danny was asked to speak at a meeting of personal injury lawyers in Atlanta to help train other lawyers in how to win jury trials.

The Tennessee Bar Association asked Gary and Josh to give a series of presentations about changes to Worker’s Compensation laws. They also taught other lawyers about issues that many lawyers often overlook in representing injured workers, especially workers who have been fired after an injury.

Our lawyers are known for staying on the cutting edge of jury trial techniques, and we are often asked to train other lawyers around the country.