Distracted Driving Leads to Runner’s Death

Posted On: November 1, 2015 under

It has happened to all of us at some point: as we’re driving, something pulls our attention away from where it should be and we end up focused on something other than the road. Most of the time we refocus before any harm is done because we all know the critical importance of paying attention to our driving. It’s imperative to avoid the tragedy that can occur in that split second when we’re looking elsewhere.

Sadly, a tragedy happened on Saturday, September 19 when Chattanooga resident Cameron Bean went running along the road and a driver, distracted by the sun in her eyes, swerved and hit him. The 28-year-old man was doing everything correctly, running against traffic and wearing reflective running gear, but he wasn’t able to get out of the car’s path. Although initially brought to the hospital in critical condition, he passed away due to his injuries two days after being struck. Bean, who has been a runner for years, was the 22nd fastest American in 2012 in the 3,000 meter steeplechase. He narrowly missed the Olympic trials that year, and he was an athlete for ZAP Fitness for five years. More recently, he worked as a personal trainer and coach at his own business, Magnum Training, and also worked at a Fast Break shoe store.

Although at the moment Chattanooga police have not charged the driver with anything, they are planning to investigate the conditions of the accident further to see whether there is any evidence to suggest negligence or intent on her part. If so, there may be grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit.

If your loved one has died from a distracted driving wrongful death, consult a wrongful death attorney today to begin building a claim.