East Ridge Truck Accident Lawyer

If you are someone that you know has been severely injured in a truck accident, you could pursue legal action against those responsible. To present a successful claim, however, it could in your best interests to consult with an experienced East Ridge truck accident lawyer who understands such cases.

An accomplished personal injury attorney who is skilled in taking on trucking firms and their insurers could maximize your chances of achieving a positive outcome to your case.

Establishing a Legal Claim

Tennessee law establishes a clear path for someone who has been injured by another person’s negligence to pursue a claim for damages. Tennessee courts take truck accidents extremely seriously. Tennessee Code Annotated §55-10-101 states that drivers who fail to lend assistance when someone is injured or killed in a crash could be charged with a Class A misdemeanor, and face license suspension, fines, and time in prison.

To obtain compensation for damages after an East Ridge truck accident, the injured victim must establish the following:

  • The driver of the truck owed the injured victim a duty to drive safely
  • The truck driver failed to fulfill this duty
  • This failure to fulfill a duty of care caused the injuries and other losses incurred by the injured party

Provided plaintiffs could establish these three elements, Tennessee law says that victims should be eligible to receive compensation for their damages. A seasoned truck crash attorney in East Ridge could evaluate the circumstances surrounding the accident and pursue all possible avenues for financial recovery.

Potential Compensation in an East Ridge Truck Collision Case

There are different types of compensation for someone who is injured in a truck accident could recover. These could include:

  • Property damage expenses for damage done to homes, vehicles, or other property by the truck, including repair costs and diminished value costs
  • Medical expenses for medical treatment, emergency room visits, physician’s care, physical therapy, and any other necessary past or future treatment
  • Lost wages and diminished earning potential for time missed from work and a decreased capacity to work in the future
  • Pain and suffering damages

Who Could be Held Liable in an East Ridge Truck Accident?

Truck collisions differ from other kinds of vehicle accidents because there is often more than one party who could be held liable for the plaintiff’s losses. Parties who could share some liability and responsibility for the victim’s injuries include the truck driver, the truck company, the truck parts manufacturer (if a defect contributed to the crash), and the insurers for each party involved.

The Legal Process

When an injured victim retains a truck accident attorney in East Ridge, the first step in the legal process is to conduct a thorough investigation of the events surrounding the crash. The attorney would collect any proof to support the plaintiff’s claim and potentially bring in experts to review the associated evidence and documentation.

Upon completing a comprehensive investigation, the attorney would file a claim with the at-fault party or parties’ insurer naming the total damages and compensation they are seeking on behalf of the plaintiff. The demand would include the injured victim’s total economic expenses and place a monetary value on their non-economic damages, like pain and suffering. After a claim is filed, the parties would negotiate to try to reach a settlement.

If the insurance company presents a fair value offer, the claim typically resolves there. However, if negotiations are unsuccessful, the attorney could take the plaintiff’s case to court, where the evidence would be presented before the judge and jury. The court would assess liability for all parties involved and determine the level of compensation (if any) that is appropriate for the plaintiff’s damages.

Contact an East Ridge Truck Accident Attorney for Assistance

A lawyer who frequently handles truck accident claims could leverage his or her considerable knowledge to protect your foundational legal rights. A zealous legal advocate could achieve more successful results than you would if you tried to handle the case on your own. Contact an East Ridge truck accident lawyer today to schedule a consultation.