East Ridge Premises Liability Lawyer

You might be shopping or visiting a friend. When you are on property owned by someone else, you expect the premises to be safe. If you are injured by a hazardous condition or negligence when visiting the property of another, you should contact an East Ridge premises liability lawyer right away to discuss filing a lawsuit. Our firm may be able to help you pursue compensation for your economic and non-economic damages.

Some Common Types of Premises Liability Claims in Tennessee

Owners are responsible for keeping their property safe by either removing hazards they know of, or reasonably should know about and warning visitors of the danger. Some hazards are obvious, such as broken stairs and railings, but some are not so clear such as lax security in an area that is dangerous. Some of the most common accidents that lead to premises liability lawsuits include:

  • Slip and fall incidents, often caused by spills, uneven floors, buckled carpeting and debris
  • Dog bites are devastating to children, who often suffer severe facial injuries and permanent scarring
  • Swimming pool accidents, including from diving and falling, which can lead to broken bones, paralysis, and drowning
  • Hotel accidents caused by lack of security or negligent employees
  • Vacation accidents at Tennessee tourist destinations such as national parks and historical sites can be caused by poor signage marking dangers or unrepaired dangers

A Tennessee personal injury attorney specializing in premises liability can review the facts surrounding an injury and plan a course of action for compensation.

Premises Liability in Tennessee Depends on the Type of Visitor

Different duties of care are owed to different types of visitors, who are categorized as trespassers, invitees, and licensees. Tennessee law distinguishes between adult and child trespassers.

Minimal Duty of Care to Trespassers

Tenn. Code Ann. § 29-34-208 defines trespassers, and the duty property owners or possessors have to them. A trespasser is on an owner’s property without permission, potentially constituting a criminal act. The owner has no duty of care to adult trespassers but should refrain from intentionally injuring them. However, the owner may injure a trespasser to prevent or terminate a criminal act.

A property owner or possessor can be held accountable for injury or death of a child trespasser if:

  • There is a dangerous human-made condition the owner knows is a risk to children
  • The possessor knows or should know that children use the property as a playground or because the dangerous situation lures them
  • The hazardous condition is not apparent, or children would not understand the risk
  • The risk to children who would foreseeably trespass far outweighs the possessor’s burden of getting rid of the dangerous condition
  • The possessor did not use reasonable care to get rid of the danger and protect the children

An East Ridge premises liability attorney can further explain the heightened duties a property owner or possessor has toward trespassing children.

A Proprietor’s Responsibility to Visitors in East Ridge

Invitees are known to the property owner or possessor and are owed the highest duty of care. They are usually on the premises for business purposes, such as customers in stores and diners in restaurants. Licensees are also owed a duty of care, although not as high as for invitees. Social guests at one’s home or business are considered licensees.

Comparative Negligence in East Ridge Premises Accident Cases

Tennessee allocates a percentage of blame in negligence cases between the defendant and plaintiff. Plaintiffs who contribute to their injures, such as by ignoring posted warnings or unlocking a gate and jumping in a residential swimming pool, will find their settlement reduced by the percentage of negligence attributed to them. If the plaintiff is found liable for more than 50 percent of the blame in Tennessee, no compensation will be awarded.

What an East Ridge Premises Liability Lawyer Could Do for You

Your East Ridge premises liability lawyer is available for a free consultation if you believe you are a victim of a negligent property owner or manager. We are committed to seeking the most compensation for you. Call right away to get started.