East Ridge Boat Accident Lawyer

Boats are a source of fun and relaxation for many families. Unfortunately, though, boating accidents happen more frequently that you may realize, leading not only to property damage but also significant physical injury.

If you find yourself a victim of a boating accident, an East Ridge boat accident lawyer may be able to assist you with this unique type of vehicular injury case. Once retained, a qualified personal injury attorney could provide the knowledge needed to obtain a favorable result for you and your family as you recover from injuries to your person and property.

Statute of Limitations in Boat Accident Cases

In the state of Tennessee, injured parties seeking to file a civil lawsuit have a limited amount of time to sue for damages. This time frame is called the statute of limitations.

According to Tennessee Code §28-3-104, any person injured in a boating accident—whether he or she was an occupant of the boat, in the water, on the shore, or in another vessel—must file a lawsuit against the person or company who caused the accident within one year of the date of the accident if he or she is seeking compensatory damages. In lawsuits for property damage, the plaintiff has up to three years from the date of the accident to file, as per Tenn. Code §28-3-105.

If potential plaintiffs fail to file their suit within the established time frame, they may lose their right to sue for damages of any kind. In order to protect the right to file, it is often best practice to hire an East Ridge boat accident attorney lawyer who is well-versed in the civil procedures and laws of Tennessee.

Recoverable Losses After a Boating Accident

Depending on the circumstances, an injured party in a boat accident case may be able to sue for various types of damages. A boat accident lawyer in East Ridge could help an injured party determine what types of damages or compensation they may be entitled to under the law.

Some of the losses that may be recoverable following a boat accident include property damage, medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning ability, travel and legal expenses, emotional trauma, and pain and suffering. An experienced attorney could help victims navigate through a personal injury or property damage claim in order to maximize financial recovery.

Talk to an East Ridge Boat Accident Attorney Today

An East Ridge boat accident lawyer may be able to provide you with legal advice that you need to recover compensation for your injuries or property damage. A lawyer could file court documents on your behalf, gather evidence, interview witnesses and request an appropriate amount and type of damages based on the circumstances.

Often, legal counsel may also be able to assist you in reaching a settlement that may save all involved parties the time and expense of undergoing the entire civil litigation process. Call today to speak to an attorney who could work hard to obtain a positive result for you and your family.