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The term “slip and fall” is a term used to refer to a personal injury case in which a person trips or slips on a property owned by someone else. Such cases are typically classified as premises liability cases since the accident usually occurs on premises owned by another party. Dangerous conditions, such as a wet floor, torn carpet, poor lighting, and narrow stairs, could cause people to injure themselves.

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, you may be able to obtain compensation from the owner of the property on which you fell. The amount of compensation you are awarded is largely determined by the extent of your injuries.

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Determining Fault in a Slip and Fall Accident

There is no exact science to determining whether a person is legally responsible for the injuries of someone else. Each slip and fall case depends on whether the premises owner took measures to ensure an accident did not occur and whether the injured party is responsible for his or her own accident. If victims are responsible for their own accidents, they may not be able to obtain compensation for their injuries.

To prove a party is responsible for their injuries, an accident victim must prove there was a “dangerous condition”, and the property owner was aware of the condition. The condition must also have posed a risk to those who visited the property, and visitors should not have been able to anticipate the condition. The law may not be on the side of someone who was aware of a dangerous condition but remained on the property anyway.

To establish a property owner was aware of a dangerous condition, the injured party and their East Ridge slip and fall lawyer must prove:

  • The owner was at least somewhat responsible for creating the condition
  • The owner was aware the condition existed and failed to correct it or warn others about it
  • The owner of the property had a sufficient amount of time to discover the condition and correct it prior to the accident in question

In other words, the property owner must have been able to foresee his or her negligence would create a danger for others.

Accidents on Commercial and Government Properties

The owner of a commercial establishment could be held liable if a customer or patron slips and falls on their property. If the three following conditions are met, they may owe the customer or patron compensation:

  • The accident was caused by a dangerous surface condition
  • The store owner or manager was aware of the condition, but did nothing
  • The dangerous surface condition would have been removed or remedied by a reasonable person under the same conditions

If a slip and fall accident occurs on government property, special rules may apply. Often, laws and regulations prevent the government from being held liable for injuries occurring on its property. Cases involving the government may be more difficult to win than those involving residential or commercial property owners.

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If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, you may be feeling angry and helpless. Such feelings are common, but you must remember you may be able to hold the person or party responsible for your accident financially culpable. The compensation you may receive could be used to pay for your medical and living expenses.

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