Meigs County Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer 

Placing a loved one who was previously independent and able to take care of themselves in a nursing home is remarkably difficult. Families often strive to provide for their ill and aging loved ones for as long as possible, but sometimes, nursing home care is inevitable.

Nursing homes have an obligation to take care of the ill and elderly, and when their patients are abused, they will need help from a Meigs County nursing home abuse lawyer. Proving nursing home abuse can be difficult, and facilities often have access to a wealth of legal resources. Speak with an adept personal injury attorney to learn more about nursing home abuse and how to prevent it.

Responsibilities of Nursing Homes

When patients in nursing homes are abused, the abuser should be held responsible by a Meigs nursing home abuse lawyer. In addition to the abuser, the nursing home should also be held liable for failing to protect its patients.

Nursing homes have a moral and legal responsibility to ensure the facility is safe, clean, and free of any hazards to the patients. They also have the responsibility to ensure everyone they hire is carefully screened for any past abuse charges or convictions.

When a nursing home fails to take these simple steps, they are putting the safety and well-being of their patients at risk and creating an environment that is ripe for abuse.

Signs of Physical Abuse and Neglect

Abuse in nursing homes is a serious problem, but unfortunately, perpetrators often intimidate their victims into silence, so there is no way to genuinely know how widespread the problem is. Victims may be abused by staff members or other nursing home patients, and they may be easy targets for predatory individuals.

If a nursing home patient exhibits any of the following signs of abuse, their loved ones should immediately contact a Meigs County nursing home abuse lawyer:

  • Malnutrition or dehydration
  • Bed sores
  • Bruises, cuts, and fractured bones
  • Incorrect medication dosages
  • Unclean living conditions

When visiting a family member or friend in a nursing home, individuals should always be on the lookout for the signs of abuse and neglect above. There may also be a noticeable difference in the temperament or mood of the victim, and individuals who were once happy and outgoing may appear solemn and withdrawn.

Psychological and Emotional Harm

In addition to physical abuse, many nursing home patients are victims of psychological and emotional abuse. Many times, senior citizens and other patients feel alone and frightened, and predatory individuals take advantage of their feelings of isolation and fear. Abusers often attempt to manipulate their victims financially in the following ways:

  • Forging signatures
  • Identity theft
  • Misusing credit cards or banking information
  • Stealing personal belongings
  • Withdrawing cash without permission

Nursing homes charge astronomical fees, and patients are often on very limited budgets. When a staff member or patient takes advantage of a victim, the victim often suffers financially. If the family member or friend of a nursing home patient believes they are being financially exploited, they should contact a Meigs County nursing home abuse attorney.

Consulting a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

If you suspect your loved one is being abused in a nursing home, you must take action fast. An experienced lawyer can help you better understand your legal options and take steps to ensure your loved one is free from harm. The longer you wait, the more serious the situation will become. Contact a Meigs County nursing home abuse lawyer today for additional information.